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September 2018 Member Spotlight! Tiffany Barnes

September 2018 Member Spotlight! Tiffany Barnes NIC Advanced, Ed: K-12 Kentucky Region III Why do you have a passion for interpreting? I started interpreting fourteen years ago, most likely due to the initial "fascination with the language" story so many new interpreters experience. I fell in love with the language, the community, and everything [...]

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September 2017 Member Spotlight: Caroline Preston Bass

Caroline Preston Bass Las Vegas, NV How long have you been a member of RID? I joined RID the minute I started interpreting in 1970! Describe a favorite assignment or accomplishment you've achieved as an interpreter. Establishing a successful interpreting agency, Preston Bass Interpreting Services; managing a fabulous team of interpreters at CSUN (worked there [...]

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Accessing Your Ballot for 2017-2019 Term Board Voting

ASL: English: On Monday May 1, 2017, all eligible voting members will receive an email from the, with an elector ID and password to access the ballot for the 2017-2019 executive board vote. Reminder emails will be sent throughout the month to those members who have not voted.  In addition, if conference motions are referred to the membership [...]

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Membership Renewal FY 2018

ASL: English: Each year on June 30, RID memberships expire and are up for renewal. The renewal period for Fiscal Year 2018 is now open. You will notice the total amount due for your FY18 dues has not increased. However, if you review each of the fees, you will see a continued shift in the [...]

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