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MSRID Region II Conference Announcement

It is with deep disappointment that MSRID has announced they will not be hosting the 2018 Region II Conference, please see the official statements below for further explanation. 2018 Region II Affiliate Chapter Conferences! Alabama Conference June 7 - 9, 2018 Florida [...]

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June 2013 e-NEWS Region V Report

Oregon RID (ORID) Update: Oregon is bustling with opportunity for professional growth this summer. WREIC will host Silent Weekend at Western Oregon University’s campus on July 19-21. Many Deaf and Hearing presenters will be on hand to provide various workshops that center around ASL acquisition and beginning to advanced interpreting skills. ORID is also hosting [...]

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May 2013 e-News Region V Report

Northern California RID Chapter Update: NorCRID enters the new year with gusto for productivity ahead and looks back in gratitude to our Region V sister chapters who inspire us and to LaVona Andrew, our Region V Rep, who leads us. We congratulate Shane Feldman on his new post and look forward to his leadership. We [...]

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March 2013 e-News Region V Report

Arizona RID Update: One of the joys of our profession is the variety of topics and situations we are able to be involved in. Every day is a new opportunity and challenge for us to grow in the field. Involvement with RID is no exception as it provides opportunities for members with knowledge and skills [...]

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