CEO Application Deadline Extended!

Quick Links CEO Job Description CEO Application CEO Search Committee Hi, I am Charity Warigon, interim CEO of RID. I am here to announce that the deadline for the CEO application has been extended by one week, to Wednesday August 21, [...]

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Intersection of Interpreting with the Complexity of the Legal System VIEWS May 2019

What Can We Do? Benro Ogunyipe, MPA As an advocate, I use my privileged position to educate Deaf people with lower socioeconomic status and intersectional backgrounds about their basic rights. I often encounter individuals, especially young Black Deaf persons from inner cities, who don’t have [...]

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Found in Translation VIEWS May 2019

Where ASL and GoReact Merge Ku Mei Butler Kern, M.A., CI and CT GoReact was never intended to teach sign language. Really, it wasn’t. In fact GoReact software started out as a public speaking coaching tool. A professor invented GoReact as a way to critique [...]

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Note From Uncle Dale VIEWS May 2019

Interpreting the Very Very Obvious Dale Boam, CI, Attorney at Law Translation and Review. These are heavy topics. Think of the most complex and context-specific text you have ever been asked to interpret. Before you can produce an interpretation you must first deal with the thorny issue [...]

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