Note From Uncle Dale VIEWS May 2019

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Interpreting the Very Very Obvious Dale Boam, CI, Attorney at Law Translation and Review. These are heavy topics. Think of the most complex and context-specific text you have ever been asked to interpret. Before you can produce an interpretation you must first deal with the thorny issue [...]

Dear Encounters With Reality VIEWS May 2019

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Brenda Cartwright, M.S., CSC, CI and CT DEAR ENCOUNTERS WITH REALITY: Recently I was interpreting a training at a large company. During the break, the Deaf client left to use the restroom. Several of the employees were chatting and one guy started telling a really dirty joke. [...]

Competence in Translation and Interpreting Revision

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Jaime Fatás-Cabeza, MMA, USCCI, CHI Signed by Pamela Wright, M.A., M.Ed. English Developing Theoretical and Practical Competence in Translation¹ and Interpreting Revision This article offers analysis, tips, and references for interpreters, translators and cross-cultural communicators interested in developing theoretical and practical competence in translation revision. Interpreters and [...]