June Certified Member Spotlight: Caroline Partin

////June Certified Member Spotlight: Caroline Partin

June Certified Member Spotlight: Caroline Partin



Name: Caroline Partin

Membership Type:  Certified

My favorite thing about being an interpreter is: The ability to bring two or more individuals together and they experience effective communication for those who might go unheard. Empowering with cross cultural mediation that brings understanding, and the ability to effectively make decisions for themselves. When the consumers comprehend what has just been communicated and they feel empowered…It’s a great day!

In my interpreter survival kit I have: Believing that I must strive to be the best I can be for all the consumers involved.. To have respect for all who are involved having compassion, empathy at each level of a situation. Understanding that some days …I can walk away feeling I have done my appointment to the best of my ability and there are days that don’t go so well. I seek to find the appropriate information through different workshops, Views as well as attending conferences. So I can be the best I can be for the next encounter I may have.

If I weren’t doing this I’d be…: I would possibly be a teacher, a nurse or a facilitator in some capacity to encourage others. I believe our world be a better place if we had compassion for one another. Understanding that I have been given such a wonderful ability to impact lives not only in this generation but in generations to come. I delight in seeing the world open up to the Deaf, empowering them to be all they can be…

My best piece of advice for new interpreters is: We all experience challenges and never think you have totally arrived! If you are not qualified for a specific appointment, be willing to decline that takes courage. We have all struggled but ultimately it impacts the Deaf consumer and the ramifications could be very deter mental. With diversity there comes a new opportunities to learn and experience their world. When you have walked away and say to yourself “I blew it” find resources from the community and seasoned interpreters who have been there. When you feel it went well, realize what you did in that moment made a difference! You provided a “voice, ” a level of comprehension with a hopefully a touch of humility to all encounters. It’s a beautiful language but remember they are ones who created it! Respect their choices of sign language and be willing to grow….

When I’m not interpreting I enjoy: I enjoy my family, the community in which I live and my horse. Whether I am with my family, I appreciate the moments and memories we make. With the community, I enjoy their sharing of their dreams, the challenges and cherish them all. My horse, takes me to places where I can decompress after a challenging day. she is such a great confidant! It’s in those moments I consider what I am responsible for and challenge myself to reach even further to make an impact in the world I live in.

My favorite quote is: “Do the right thing” ultimately that is what you will have to live with the rest of your life!

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