Cynthia Sanders headshotCEUs: 0.125 (Professional Studies)

A selection of 26 lexical signs that Deaf people use often in everyday conversation provides ASL instructors a true challenge in how to deconstruct each sign that is used in a specific context. In addition, a large number of Deaf people did not have an opportunity to take ASL courses to learn and use ASL as a language. Often Deaf people use these signs, and are not able to provide the detailed information about the nuances of these signs. In this workshop, I will introduce six main components to deconstruct each sign and determine how each sign will provide a translation of a specific meaning in English. This gives Deaf people an opportunity to identify and discuss the nuances of ASL in a professional manner.


July 9 – 16:00 pm
4:00 pm — 5:15 pm

Cynthia Sanders