CEUs: 0.7 (Professional Studies)

This all-day workshop is for not-yet-certified students, recent graduates, or individuals entering the interpreting field. It includes two sessions which build upon each other.

Session 1: “What to Expect: Old and New Exam Overview”
Star Grieser, CDI
Director, CASLI

Star Grieser, the Director of CASLI, will review the FAQs related to the test taking process, including what to expect with testing, how to prepare for both the current NIC knowledge and performance exams, as well as, will cover the basic format for both the hearing and Deaf interpreter exams set to release in January 2020. Aspiring test takers will have a clear understanding of what the current NIC and new CASLI exams will look like and what skills they need to work on feel prepared to sit for the new CASLI exams upon their release at the beginning of next year.

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Session 2: “Guided Self-Assessment: Am I Ready?”
Christine Multra Kraft, CDI
Holly Nelson, NIC Master
Marlee Dyce, M. Ed., NIC-Adv., NAD IV

Christine Multra Kraft, Holly Nelson, and Marlee Dyce will lead a guided self-assessment for workshop attendees to review the major areas of the Job Task Analysis (JTA) for interpreters, and the associated Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs). The intention of this guided self-assessment is to help workshop attendees determine “Am I ready?” and, “What do I need to do between now and January (when the tests are available) to be ready?” As areas of potential weakness are identified through the guided self-assessment, workshop attendees will be provided with resources they can use to address these areas. They will leave the workshop with an individualized study plan.

This session will cover the knowledge exam with all attendees together (the knowledge exam is designed to be the same for Deaf and hearing interpreters). Then attendees will be divided into two groups, to cover the Deaf and hearing performance and interview exams separately.

This workshop is for not-yet-certified students, recent graduates, or individuals entering the interpreting field who plan to take the new CASLI exam in 2020. These individuals also qualify for a registration discount by filling out the application form here: https://rid.org/events/rid-2019-national-conference/registration-costs/emerging-practitioners-application-form

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July 7 – 09:00 am
9:00 am — 5:15 pm

Christine Multra Kraft, Holly Nelson, Marlee Dyce, Star Grieser