Block 1 CEUs: 0.125 (Professional Studies)

Cynthia Sanders: “This Ain’t Flipping the Bird: The Deaf Way”
Shanna Grossinger: “Leverage Technology for Social Change”
Pamela Wright: “Language Stewardship”

The Spark Inspiration Talks are short-form talks, each lasting 20 minutes.  They are a way for a presenter to quickly share research, a viewpoint, or a frame of thinking.

We encourage the audience to seek out the presenters after the presentation to continue the conversation.  There is no Q&A time allocated for these talks.

Cynthia Sanders headshotPresenter: Cynthia Sanders
Topic: This Ain’t Flipping the Bird: The Deaf Way

“The book is not a glossary of obscene gestures. Nor is it a compendium of “dirty sign language.” It ‘s intended as a guide for American Sign Language interpreters and those working in social services, counseling, law enforcement, and courtrooms, to forestall misunderstandings and to facilitate accurate interpretation of Deaf people’s signing.” (page 9)

Shanna Grossinger headshotPresenter: Shanna Grossinger
Topic: Leverage Technology for Social Change

For first time in our history, the power to change the world no longer belongs to the top 1 percent with resources but in the hands of each ordinary citizen with Internet.

There are 7.5 billion of us on the Earth, Deaf people represent less than 1 percent of the world population. Most people don’t know Deaf exists. How do we create the platform to promote the mass societal disruption and social cooperation?

This is the question we need to figure out how collectively as Deaf community to harness the power of Internet as a medium for the social change.

Pamela Wright headshotPresenter: Pamela Wright
Topic: Language Stewardship

This is an introduction to the concept of being a language steward, how to develop a permanent curiosity, and the possible spheres of accountability an ASL user may hold. This workshop asks the questions of: where does ASL stand in this political climate? what features should be considered for ASL’s future? what’s the value of fluency? and what can Indigenous populations teach us about language stewardship?

July 9 – 13:00 pm
1:00 pm — 2:15 pm

Cynthia Sanders, Pamela Wright, Shanna Grossinger