CEUs: 0.7 (Professional Studies/Legal)

Participants will be exposed to the Demand Control Schema (DC-S) (Dean & Pollard) as it applies to legal settings.

Through their understanding of the DC-S, interpreters will consider and apply the framework to a variety of recorded legal settings. Interpreters will consider the value of having a 360 degree viewpoint on the demands that each individual in the interpreted interaction may be facing; including the interpreter, the team interpreter, court personnel, and the Deaf consumer and the impact the controls for those demands may have on others in the interaction. The discussions will include a focus on how deaf individuals, heritage signers, and persons of color identify demands and controls in these situations.


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July 7 – 09:00 am
9:00 am — 5:15 pm

Cheryl Thomas, Rosemary Wanis, Stephanie Clark