Communicating with Your National Association

With the latest announcements from the December RID Board of Directors meeting, there is a lot of information that is being developed and distributed to members. To make sure you are receiving the official information from RID, I want to highlight the official points of communication as to where you can find information as well as provide you with the contact information if you have questions you need answered or concerns that you would like to share.

What are the official sources of information from RID:

  • RID website at where you can find all the official vlogs and announcements from the Board, our volunteer leaders, and HQ
  • The official RID Facebook page at RIDInc
  • The official RID Twitter account @RID_Inc
  • RID Publications such as VIEWS, eNEWS, and the Journal of Interpretation
  • Direct email blasts with announcements from the Board and HQ
  • Business meeting minutes and Board of Directors Board meeting minutes found at, keyword search “minutes”

If you have a question, comments, or concerns that you would like to share with the RID Board of Directors or HQ, the following are the official means of communication with your national organization:

  • Send an email to any HQ staff person, the listing is on the RID website under Headquarters staff
  • Send your request to your Region Representative using their official email address. If you are unsure of who your Region Representative is, you can find all of that information on the RID website
  • Call HQ and your call will be directed to the correct department for a response

To ensure consistency in our communication protocol, we cannot respond to individual posts on individual Facebook pages. We ask that if you have a direct question for which you seek an answer, you use one of the means just noted t