Jacqueline Emmart, Region I Representative

Happy National Hot Tea, Oatmeal and Soup Month, everyone!

I write to you from Boston and I cannot emphasize enough how much the above recognized “holidays” suit us this month. With all the snow and ice falling around us, I want nothing more than to curl up in a Snuggie™ with the January VIEWS and a hot cup of tea. January sure is testing our New Year’s resolutions; I should cash in my gym membership for a new snow shovel or better yet, a snow blower! A girl can dream, right? ::sigh::

Alas, we meet again…another cold month’s e-News filled with opportunities for us to learn what is happening within RID. Let me tell you, there are some wicked awesome things going on! This month’s report starts with New Year’s Resolutions/goals/wishes from our affiliate chapter presidents. You’ll then see what New Jersey RID (NJRID) is up to with their update from NJRID President, Cheryl Vail. Finally, keep on reading for all the latest and greatest with respect to our TEAM conference, happening August 13-15 in Albany, NY, home of the Million Dollar Staircase!

And so we begin…

I asked the Region I President’s Council to send me their New Year’s Resolutions for their respective affiliate chapters. I think you will agree, after reading them, that our region is well on its way to all-star status! Thank you to all those players who will turn these goals into reality in 2010!

Our Wishes for the New year are… 

Long Island RID
Laurie Nash…
continued involvement from members, interest and involvement in our profession on a national level, as well as connections with the communities we serve.

New Hampshire RID
Aimee Stevens
…to bring some new blood into leadership roles within the organization.

Central New York RID
Joanne Dermody
…find a way to encourage members, former members and future members,
especially educational interpreters K-12, to become more involved in their local affiliate chapter of RID and hopefully, in time, become more involved in RID at the national level.

Connecticut RID