Jacqueline Emmart, Region I Representative

Happy National Hot Tea, Oatmeal and Soup Month, everyone!

I write to you from Boston and I cannot emphasize enough how much the above recognized “holidays” suit us this month. With all the snow and ice falling around us, I want nothing more than to curl up in a Snuggie™ with the January VIEWS and a hot cup of tea. January sure is testing our New Year’s resolutions; I should cash in my gym membership for a new snow shovel or better yet, a snow blower! A girl can dream, right? ::sigh::

Alas, we meet again…another cold month’s e-News filled with opportunities for us to learn what is happening within RID. Let me tell you, there are some wicked awesome things going on! This month’s report starts with New Year’s Resolutions/goals/wishes from our affiliate chapter presidents. You’ll then see what New Jersey RID (NJRID) is up to with their update from NJRID President, Cheryl Vail. Finally, keep on reading for all the latest and greatest with respect to our TEAM conference, happening August 13-15 in Albany, NY, home of the Million Dollar Staircase!

And so we begin…

I asked the Region I President’s Council to send me their New Year’s Resolutions for their respective affiliate chapters. I think you will agree, after reading them, that our region is well on its way to all-star status! Thank you to all those players who will turn these goals into reality in 2010!

Our Wishes for the New year are… 

Long Island RID
Laurie Nash…
continued involvement from members, interest and involvement in our profession on a national level, as well as connections with the communities we serve.

New Hampshire RID
Aimee Stevens
…to bring some new blood into leadership roles within the organization.

Central New York RID
Joanne Dermody
…find a way to encourage members, former members and future members,
especially educational interpreters K-12, to become more involved in their local affiliate chapter of RID and hopefully, in time, become more involved in RID at the national level.

Connecticut RID
Anna-Marie Cartagena
…trying to become more visible in the community. We have been at several
deaf and deaf-friendly events. We would like to continue that throughout
2010. Happy New Year.

Massachussetts RID
Denise Martinez
… to attract more participation to the organization by having events that are
less business-oriented and focused more on fun, while remaining
educational, inspirational and that encourage participation within the

New York City Metro RID
Christine Quinton
…to donate more time, money or both. And to remember we are stronger
when we stand together.

Pennsylvania RID
Cindi Brown
…to encourage/Recruit more members to be involved in leadership positions
(we have many vacant positions on our board and committees)
…to run our Mentorship program again
…to work more collaboratively with the Pennsylvania Society for the Advancement of the Deaf

Great Valley Region RID
Kim Kelstone
…to establish a BRIDGE program for interpreters with 0-5 years experience!
We are excited to consider new ways to support our colleagues and also offer
opportunities for our members to “give back.”

Rhode Island RID
Mary Ellen Baxter-Breen
…continued strengthening of our chapter. We are proud to share our new
Web site and newsletter.

Jackie Emmart
And a vision that I hold for Region I in 2010
…there will be a minimum of 300 participants at the TEAM Conference,
attracting lightly-seasoned to heavily-crusted practitioners, all gathered to
enrich themselves and have a smashing good time!

New Jersey RID Chapter Update:

President Cheryl Vail

Hello! Happy New Year and Happy Spring!

NJRID has been very busy with elections and a new Board. We are thrilled to welcome Lori Adams CI and CT as our Vice President, Terry Safay Rosaly, CI and CT as our Treasurer, Uneeda Willams as our Secretary, and I, Cheryl Vail, will continue as President. Our two Members at Large, Lauren Kafka CI and CT and Eileen Forestal, RSC, will finish their terms this November and we will hold an election for those positions. Now is the time to start thinking about the people you know, including yourself, who may be a good match for the position of member at large. Nominations are now being accepted. Please email s_piscitelli@comcast.net for more information and to submit your nominations.

Currently, the board is reviewing the various committees and ensuring that each one has a Chair and is active. To that end, we are currently looking for someone to chair our bylaws committee. Time involved will vary depending upon motions, and the need for information. The majority of bylaws work consists of checking to ensure various actions are in compliance with our bylaws.

The mentoring committee, although not “up and running,” is doing some behind the scenes work to see what is needed and to confirm a chair for the position. Look for a survey to be hitting your inboxes soon. The responses to the survey will help ensure mentoring offers what the members want and need.

The stipend committee has a new chair, Pam Coverdale. After many years of dedicated services and volunteering, Debbie Warshauer CI and CT, stepped down. Before leaving her post, she and Pam worked diligently to bring new life into the stipend process. Stipend will now be conducted along the lines of a raffle with the first winner to be selected at our April 17th general meeting. The first stipend will be for the cost of early bird registration at the Region I conference. Applicants must have been a member for one year. Reciprocity for the stipend will be in the form of volunteering help to NJRID. Applications will be emailed and on the web in the near future. NJRID will celebrate our biennial conference on November 5-7. We hope to see a large turnout for this exciting event. A stipend will also be offered for our biennial.

As we move forward in 2010, NJRID looks forward to having all Chair positions filled and to continued growth. Our members are the backbone of the organization and it is through your volunteered time that we are able to continue to offer workshops and conferences. I urge you to get involved. Students, seasoned interpreters and all those in between are very important to us; you are our future. Although 2012 may seem far away, it is at that time that a new board will be elected, thus now is the time to learn about NJRID and prepare for the future…

Have a terrific “twenty-ten!”

Region I TEAM 2010 Conference

Last month we learned that this year’s regional conference will be the best yet. Have you not yet registered? You’re in luck. The early bird registration deadline is April 1. However, I suggest you do it before then. There are far too many exciting opportunities happening for you to risk not taking advantage of them all!

Here are just some of the important updates…all information can be found on the conference Web site (Thanks to Cory Brunner!) at: http://www.vtrid.org/region1conf.htm

The deadline for applications for Student Support Staff Volunteers is extended to February 28, so students starting the spring semester need not worry about squeezing in time to complete their applications. Additionally, we’re requesting students let us know if they have any particular experience with A/V equipment. Questions? Contact Student Support Staff Chair, Nathan Fowler, at fowler.nathan@gmail.com.

Rosa Norberg, the A/V Chair, asked if folks coming from nearby states (Vermont, for example), might be willing to bring some loaner equipment to save renting from the hotel at very high rates. Equipment needed includes: LCD projectors, screens and sound equipment. The A/V committee is also in need of some techies during the conference. If you or someone on your committee is tech savvy and available to be onsite tech support during the conference, Rosa needs you! A call will go out for tech support in the coming month. Please contact Rosa at rosa.norberg@yahoo.com, if you or your organization can help us out with loaner equipment and/or tech support.

We are still in need of sponsorship for the conference. No amount of sponsorship is too small. If you know of any business or organization that may be willing to donate to our conference, please be in touch with Dale Neimeyer, Exhibitors and Fundraising Chair, at: dcelss@yahoo.com.

The deadline for the Call for Entertainment is extended to February 15. We know you are funny; stop being so humble! Get up on stage and show the world what you can do. We will laugh, we will cry, we will rave about you for years – now’s the time to, as Lady Gaga so eloquently puts it, just dance (or something like that)! Throw your hat in the ring; what have you to lose? Contact Audrey Roesenberg, Entertainment Chair, at: Audie0217@gmail.com.

Thanks to the technology that the twenty first century brought us, you can now purchase your advertisements through the Web site. Check this out: http://www.vtrid.org/l2/prgmbook.html

Finally, as I mentioned in my “changing it up a bit” update last month, the membership forum (*not* a business meeting) needs YOU! We need you to shape the agenda…please check here for an opportunity to submit your ideas for discussion topics: http://www.vtrid.org/l2/CallforDiscussionTopics.pdf. Please do so before March 1.

One final note, with respect to a very important and timely “holiday month.”
This month is also National Blood Donor Month . I ask that each and every
one of you, as you are able, please call your local hospital, Blood Donor Center, and/or American Red Cross to donate. Especially with the recent tragedy in Haiti, the world needs you now more than ever.

January 2010 e-News RID Region I Report

Jacqueline Emmart, Region I Representative

To start the new decade, RID is going to try a different approach to sharing information with the membership from each of the affiliate chapters.  To initiate this new approach to region reports, starting with the February 2010 e‐NEWS, here the profile of Region I.   We hope this will be a new and innovative way for RID members to learn more about each of the affiliate chapters as well as for each of the affiliate chapters to spotlight themselves and their members.

Name of Region:  
Region One a.k.a. “The BEST” (though I admit, I may be biased.)

Number of Members:
At least 2,605. We grow bigger and bigger everyday, though, so who knows?!

Web site address: 

Central New York RID: http://www.cnyrid.net/
Connecticut RID: http://www.cridonline.com/
Genesee Valley RID: http://www.gvrrid.org/
Long Island RID: http://www.lirid.org/
Maine RID: http://www.mainerid.org/
Massachusetts RID: http://www.massrid.org/
New Hampshire RID: http://www.nhrid.org/
New Jersey RID: http://www.njrid.org/
New York City Metro RID: http://nycmetrorid.org/
Pennsylvania RID: http://www.parid.org/
Rhode Island RID: http://www.ririd.org/
Vermont RID: http://www.vtrid.org/

Describe the programs and services your region provides:

Selected programs and services from affiliate chapters and their communities across Region I – Deafhood, NCIEC/RID Mentoring Grant and Mentorship programs, Deaf/Interpreter Relations Committee, Annual Christmas party for local Deaf community, Young/New Interpreter groups, Certification testing at annual conferences…the list goes on and on with the city that doesn’t sleep, the home of the green monster, Hershey chocolate heaven, and The Sopranos, just to name a few. You can bet that there are a plethora of programs and services to go around!

How would you define the members of your region?

Three words: committed, talented, caring

What is your region’s claim to fame?

• Newman’s Own
• Marshmallow Fluff
• Green Mountain Coffee
• Cranberries
• Pizza and bagels
• Honey crisp apples
• Maple syrup

Please list any upcoming meetings, events, workshops, conferences:

• The Eyes Have It!, David Evans
• Freeze or Thaw?, David Evans
• Who Said What to Whom?!, David Evans
• A Rose By Any Other Name, David Evans
• CDI Forum at DNEC, Dennise Scott

• Mock Deposition, Peggy O’Neill

New York:
• Foundations IV, Betty Colonomos
• Professional Supervision Through the Eyes of the Demand Control Schema,
Shawn Broderick and Kendra Keller

New Jersey:
• Interpreting in New Jersey Courts, Linda Lamitola & Carla Goldsmith
• The Sunday Liturgy Workshop, Amy June Rowley

• What IS Transliterating? Show Me The English, Kristen Olszyk
• Signing for Sexuality for Interpreters of the Deaf and HoH, Christine Gannon
• Master the NIC: Written, Shonna Pareja
• Master the NIC: Interview, Shonna Pareja

Rhode Island:
• TerpEXPO
• Interpreting Effectively & Safely for Deaf Survivors of Violence, Vera Institute of Justice, Sandra Harrell

• Foundations II, Betty Colonomos
• Book Discussion: “Deaf Professionals and Designated Interpreters ‐ A New

What else would you like to share about your region?

I suspect you probably knew this was coming, but how could I possibly pass up an opportunity to remind you to save the date for our AMAZING region conference, this August, in Albany, NY?

You simply must visit http://www.vtrid.org/region1conf.htm today, to print a registration form and join the growing number of students and practitioners committed to taking themselves to the next level at TEAM 2010. Look for more information forthcoming from Kelly Decker and Trudy Gilbert, Conference Coordinators Extraordinaire, as well as in the April 2010 edition of VIEWS, within my State of the Region report.

The program is nearly solidified, hotel rooms are being booked, conference staff is being selected…all we’re missing is YOU!

I can’t wait to meet each and every one of you – more than ever.


April 2010 e-News RID Region I Report: New Jersey RID Profile

Jacqueline Emmart, Interim Region I Representative

RID’s new approach to sharing information with the membership from each of the affiliate chapters continues this month with the April 2010 e‐News. This month the Region I Report profiles New Jersey RID. We hope this will be a new and innovative way for RID members to learn more about each of the affiliate chapters as well as for each of the affiliate chapters to spotlight themselves and their members.

Hello and Happy Spring!

There are only 112 days left until we all come together at the conference of the year! You got it ‐ our very own Region I Conference in Albany, NY. It’s going to be a BLAST! Have you seen the program, yet? If that alone doesn’t get you pumped, perhaps three days of collegial fun, professional development and a membership forum like no other, all enveloped in an environment of respect will get your hearts a‐thumpin?! My heart is ready to jump out of my chest at the very thought of it all! Trust me. You won’t want to miss this. Kelly Decker and Trudy Gilbert are masterfully pulling together all the pieces and creating a truly rewarding experience for us, along with 500 of our closest friends and colleagues.

Come one, come all! Register today: http://www.vtrid.org/region1conf.htm

Please continue reading the spotlight below on our affiliate chapter for this month, New Jersey RID. You are all doing tremendous work out there ‐ I applaud and thank each and every one of you. Thank you for your commitment!

Affiliate Chapter: New Jersey RID (NJRID)
President Cheryl Vail

Number of Members: 254

Web site address: http://www.njrid.org/pages/index.asp

Describe the programs and services your affiliate chapter provides:

ASL weekend, biennial conference, workshops, fundraising, mentoring (soon to be back up and running) and a video tape library.

How would you define the members of your affiliate chapter?

The members of NJRID are passionate individuals. From students and organizational supporters to seasoned certified interpreters we have members with a wonderful mix of skills and knowledge.

What is your affiliate chapter’s claim to fame?

Wow, tough question. Throughout the years NJRID has done so much and has goals that are all great, so a specific claim to fame, I couldn’t pick one. But I can proudly say that as a whole NJRID is without a doubt a member driven organization. Members are here to answer questions, support each other and strive to continue the growth of the profession. Our goal is to ensure the community in which we work is represented and involved with NJRID and we are finding ways to have their voices heard. Last year’s medical panel and this past year’s fashion show helped bring the community together. We hope to continue that goal. Currently plans to bring Deafhood to NJ are being explored. Fundraising events are continuing to be planned for all to enjoy such as a wine and cheese party.

Please list any upcoming meetings, events, workshops, conferences:

• CDI Workshop, Saturday, May 1, 9am – 4pm
• “How to Visual Classifiers and Spatial features in ASL” co sponsored with NJ‐ALSTA , Saturday, May 15, 9 am – 4pm
• NJRID Board Meeting, Monday, June 7
• Biennial Conference, November 5 ‐ 7

What else would you like to share about your affiliate chapter?

This November at our general meeting the positions of member at large will be up for election. At this time ALL of our chair positions are filled! We proudly announce Marianne Cardini, CT, as our nominations chair. Mary Bacheller, CSC, as our mentorship Chair, Debbie Greenstein as our biennial chair and our two ASL weekend chairs, Meredith Devine and Julie Troger. We want people to be involved, no offer to volunteer is too small… come volunteer and get involved!

May 2010 e-News RID Region I Report: Long Island RID and Maine RID Profile

Jacqueline Emmart, Interim Region I Representative

RID’s new approach to sharing information with the membership from each of the affiliate chapters continues this month with the May 2010 e‐NEWS. This month the Region I Report profiles Long Island RID and Maine RID. We hope this will be a new and innovative way for RID members to learn more about each of the affiliate chapters as well as for each of the affiliate chapters to spotlight themselves and their members.

Hello everyone!

I’m keeping this month’s edition short and sweet, though you should all should have received an e‐blast from me with further salient information. The most important thing to inform you of at this moment is this: we are well on our way to *record‐breaking* numbers of registrants at our Region I Conference this August in Albany! Are you one of them? If so, THANK YOU for registering early. Your money and time will be well spent. If you haven’t yet registered, what are
you waiting for?! Send in your registration today. This is an experience you simply cannot afford to miss! For more information, check our Web site, which is being generously hosted by Vermont RID (VTRID) and administered by Cory Brunner. Thank you VTRID, Cory, Kelly Decker, Trudy Gilbert and all of our current and future conference registrants. Albany will never be the same after Region I takes the stage!

I wish you all the best and ample amounts of sun (with SPF, of course!) Read on for our May 2010 affiliate chapter spotlights!

Until next time,
TEAM 2010

Affiliate Chapter: Long Island Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (LIRID)
President Laurie Nash

Number of Members: around 112

Web site address: www.lirid.org

Describe the programs and services your affiliate chapter provides:

Our very active chapter plans several professional development activities per year as well as fundraising events to maintain these programs. We have an active mentorship committee that provides outreach to local interpreter education programs as well as to new interpreters to coordinate and/or provide mentorship support. We maintain a lending library that currently consists of over 150 resources from which members may borrow.

How would you define the members of your affiliate chapter?

A very active and motivated group of interpreters and students. The experience of our membership runs the gamut from 30 plus years to just getting started.

What is your affiliate chapter’s claim to fame?

Best Web site for chapters under 150 members and Best Newsletter for chapters under 150 members as awarded at the 2007 RID National Conference.

Please list any upcoming meetings, events, workshops, conferences:

Our chapter typically takes a hiatus during the summer months but we expect some activity in light of the Region I Conference in August. In September, we will host a mini‐legal workshop
after our general membership meeting.

What else would you like to share about your affiliate chapter?

We recently established an emergency fund for working interpreters/members who experience financial hardship as a result of catastrophic events in their lives. We regularly provide scholarships for members to attend national and regional conferences. We recently held elections and will have a new board beginning their terms in July 2010. We have a pending application with RID to become an approved sponsor of CEUs.

Maine RID Updates (MERID)
President Jillian McLaughin

New Officers:
As my term as the Maine RID president comes to a close, I would to take this moment and thank the current board. Two board members have committed to a third term: Regan Thibodeau, our new vice president and Roseane Ryerson, our legal representative. Thank you for your dedication and commitment! I would also like to thank outgoing board members: Lisa Masure, Vice President; Deb Myers, Northern Representative; and Sarah Hill, Member‐at‐Large, for all of
their hard work and dedication over the past two years. Your contributions have truly been appreciated. Lastly, I would like thank those who joined the board just this last year and who continue to serve: Karla Doucette, Treasurer; Kelly McCormick, Secretary; Vicki Munor‐Ludders, Educational Representative; and Ann Swope, Medical Representative. I have greatly appreciated everyone’s contributions and support and I am grateful for all of the work that you have done. Thank you!

I would also like to congratulate and welcome our new board members: Judy Kegl, President; Grace Cooney, Member‐at‐Large Rep; Arricka Nowland, Southern Region Rep; and Sarah Tanner, Northern Region Rep. Welcome and thank you!

Web site:
We finally have our new Web site up and running. Check out the new Maine RID Web site at www.mainerid.org. Members will be able to log in and access “member only” areas of the Web site, such as videos, a member directory and member chat rooms.

Betsy Reifman Leadership Award:

In honor of Betsy Reifman, our beloved colleague, Maine RID established the Betsy Reifman Leadership Award. This award is presented annually to a Maine RID member who exhibits the qualities that Betsy embodied and that we all admired: leadership within Maine RID, active participation in the interpreting community, dedication to ethical decision‐making and support of the profession’s growth. This year’s award recipient is Judy Kegl. Congratulations, Judy! To read more about our deserving recipient, please visit http://www.mainerid.org.

 June 2010 e-News RID Region I Report: Rhode Island RID and Central New York RID Profile

Jacqueline Emmart, Interim Region I Representative

RID’s new approach to sharing information with the membership from each of the affiliate chapters continues this month with the June 2010 e‐NEWS. This month the Region I Report profiles Rhode Island RID and Central New York RID. We hope this will be a new and innovative way for RID members to learn more about each of the affiliate chapters as well as for each of the affiliate chapters to spotlight themselves and their members.

It’s here! It’s here! The 59th day before our conference is here! We are now less than two months from the official opening of Region I’s TEAM 2010: The Conference of the Century!

Over 300 of you, your friends and your colleagues are already registered for what will undoubtedly bring us all tons of lessons to learn, information to share and early mornings or late nights (depending on your early bird or night owl identities) to reconnect! As such, our e‐News this month focuses on the following six things:

1. Conference Registration
2. Hotel Reservations
3. Pre‐conference opportunities for you to shape the future of RID and earn some CEUs while doing it!
4. Membership Forum Discussion Groups
5. Region I Gives: Back to School
6. Region I Affiliate Chapter Spotlights: Rhode Island RID and Central New York RID

Conference Registration
For the handful of you who have yet to send in your registrations, don’t delay any longer! Starting July 1, all registration fees will increase and no refunds will be processed. This is crunch time, people! In case you “lost it” or “put it somewhere safe,” here’s the Web site where you can print the registration form to mail today: http://www.vtrid.org/l2/registration.htm.

Hotel Reservations
If you have not yet made your reservations at the Wolf Rd. Marriott in Albany, do so before July 22. On that day, our block of rooms will be released and the conference rate will no longer be guaranteed. You can find the reservation information at our conference Web site: http://www.vtrid.org/l2/hotel.htm

Pre‐conference opportunities for you to shape the future of RID and earn some CEUs while doing it!
While the official conference opens on Friday, August 13, we will offer early registration from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursday, August 12. At 6 p.m., we will transition to the RID Government Affairs Program (GAP) Forum, which will last until 7:30 p.m. Our pre‐conference offerings will conclude with the Strategic Challenges/ Bylaws Review Task Force (SCBRTF) Forum, which will end at 9 p.m. We hope that you will consider coming one day early to settle into the hotel, grab your registration bags, beat the crowd and earn up to .3 CEUs, all while having a direct impact on the future of our organization! Rumor has it that there will be an unofficial pre‐conference gathering in the hotel lobby at the close of the GAP and SCBRTF forums!

Membership Forum Discussion Groups
By now I hope that the structure, purpose and agenda of our Membership Forum are as etched in your minds as they are in mine. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably counting down the days until we make history together. This forum will be, as they say, “FANTABULOUS,” and you certainly will want to be present.

Region I Gives: Back to School
Per my previous announcements, I believe you all now know that during our time together, in an effort to maintain our strong ties to the Deaf community, we will “give back” to four, randomly selected Deaf schools throughout our region. They are, in no particular order:

Rochester School for the Deaf
The Learning Center for the Deaf (MA)
Vermont Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing/Austine School for the Deaf
Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf (NJ)

What follows, and what you will see on our Web site, is a master wish list that includes all schools with whom we are working. We ask that you consider packing one, or several, of the items on this list. We will have large boxes positioned near the registration tables where you can drop off all your donations. It is my vision that the refrigerator‐type boxes I provide will not be
big enough containers for our generosity. Let’s show the nation how to do it, in hopes that they will follow in the weeks, months and years to come – LET’S BUST THOSE BOXES!

If you are not attending the conference, but would still like to contribute, please ask one of your colleagues to bring your donation on your behalf. If, by some random stroke of bad luck, none of your colleagues are attending the conference, e‐mail me at region1rep@rid.org and I will help to facilitate the collection. E‐mail me with any other questions related to our philanthropic effort, too!

Without further ado, pick up those weekly circulars and head to the back to school sales in your neighborhoods for the following items:

• 2 white boards with a stand
• Crayons
• Glue sticks
• Children’s paint in a plastic box
• Writing paper for younger students with line
• Crayola markers
• Arts and crafts supplies
• Scissors‐rounded tip
• Clay
• Poster Board
• Index Cards
• Glue Sticks
• Calculators‐larger button type
• Pens
• Pencils
• Drafting board
• Copy Paper
• Dry Erase Markers, cleaner, erasers, small erase boards
• Single hole punch
• 3 hole punch
• 3 ring binders
• Plastic protective sleeves
• Construction paper
• Tag Board
• Manila folders
• Paint‐washable & paint brushes
• Glitter
• Homework assignment books
• Writing tablets, journals, pads
• Loose leaf paper (college‐ruled)
• Book covers
• Tacks/push pins
• Bulletin boards/cork board
• Tape: masking, scotch
• Paper clips
• Staples
• White out
• Erasers
• Tissues
• Foam pieces (alphabet, shapes, etc.)
• History time line
• Construction paper (black, white, pink, blue, yellow, red, brown, purple, orange, green)
• 3 by 5 white index cards (plain & lined)
• Solar calculators
• Spiral notebooks – wide ruled‐1 subject
• 10 boxes of Kleenex
• Disinfectant wipes
• 5 large bottles of hand sanitizer
• Daily Language Review: Grade 2 (paperback), Evan‐Moor Education
• Daily Language Review: Grade 3, Evan‐Moor Education
• Weekly Reader – Pre – K
• Weekly Reader – Edition 1
• Weekly Reader – Edition 2
• Colored pencils
• Pencil boxes
• Colorful tablets of 3″ X 3″ post‐it notes (not just yellow or other bland colors,
but the bright or neon colors if possible!)
• Good, thin point felt‐tip pens
• Watercolors
• Stickers
• Sharpies
• Washable markers (thin and thick)
• Play Doh
• Erasers (pink square ones as well as ones you can stick on the end of the pencil
• Two‐pocket colored folders
• Toothbrushes
• Toothpaste
• Shampoo
• Shower gel
• Deodorant
• 1GB or 2GB USB drives

Region I Affiliate Chapter Spotlights

Affiliate Chapter: Rhode Island RID (RIRID)
President Mary Ellen Breen

Number of Members: 30

Web site address: www.ririd.org

Describe the programs and services your affiliate chapter provides: RI RID provides support for local interpreters and serves a networking tool to keep our local freelancers connected.

How would you define the members of your affiliate chapter? Refreshed and welcoming.

What is your affiliate chapter’s claim to fame? Most of RI’s licensed interpreters are current members of RI RID.

Please list any upcoming meetings, events, workshops, conferences: July 17 meeting and potluck brunch at the Southside Community Land Trust garden at 10 a.m.

What else would you like to share about your affiliate chapter? We are welcoming many new interpreters to RI and to the profession. Come to our next meeting to see what’s on the table for 2010‐2011!

Affiliate Chapter: Central New York RID (CNYRID)
President Joanne Dermody

Number of Members: Approximately 45 –50

Web site Address: www.cnyrid.net

How would you define the members of your affiliate chapter? Many of our current members are seasoned interpreters who have been members of the chapter for over 20 years; in addition, several of our members have joined our chapter after they have relocated to our area or have finished their interpreter training programs.

What is your affiliate chapter’s claim to fame? Our chapter has worked together with the Deaf community in Central New York since our inception as an affiliate chapter of the RID in 1972. Several members of our Deaf community were instrumental in setting up our chapter.

CNYRID has been a member of the Deaf Advocacy Council (DAC) since 1989. The DAC is an organization made up of organizations, groups and agencies of, for and by the Deaf. Currently, our chapter is serving on the Deaf Awareness Week Planning Committee, a committee of the DAC, to plan and organize events for this fall. CNYRID also works with the Deaf community of Central New York to sponsor an annual Christmas party, which draws over 200 people.

Please list any upcoming meetings, events, workshops, conferences: Our next meeting will be in the fall and we plan to offer a short workshop after the meeting.

What else would you like to share about your affiliate chapter? It is our chapter’s proud legacy that Marjorie Clere was a charter member of RID and was present at the conference at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana in 1964. Marj was also instrumental in the establishment of the Central New York RID in 1972 and served as President, Director and Assistant Director. Marj was a nationally recognized interpreter for the Deaf as early as the 1960s. Together with Lou Fant, Marj was a pioneer in the field of interpreting. Her kindness and gentle smile touched so many of our lives, professionally and personally.

June 2010 e-News RID Region I Report: New York City Metro RID Profile

Jacqueline Emmart, Interim Region I Representative

RID’s new approach to sharing information with the membership from each of the affiliate chapters continues this month with the June 2010 e‐NEWS. This month the Region I Report profiles Rhode Island RID and Central New York RID. We hope this will be a new and innovative way for RID members to learn more about each of the affiliate chapters as well as for each of the affiliate chapters to spotlight themselves and their members.

I’m trying something new for Region I e-News this month. I recorded a YouTube clip, approximately three minutes in length, with the updated I have shared. There’s important information included about the AMAZING upcoming conference-please check it out!

After you’re done watching the clip, I would love to know what you think about this new format. Please e‐mail region1rep@rid.org and share your comments.

With that, please see below for the affiliate chapter spotlight, from New York City Metro RID (NYCMetroRID). Thank you to Christopher Tester, the new NYCMetroRID President, and his Board for their contributions!

See you all next month in Albany!

Region I e-News: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hL2FqieF3c

Affiliate Chapter: New York City Metro Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (NYCMetroRID) President Christopher Tester

Number of Members: 250

Web site address: www.nycmetrorid.org

Describe the programs and services your affiliate chapter provides: We provide mentoring opportunities for pre‐certified interpreters to work with our seasoned certified interpreters. We passed the motion for Deaf interpreters and certified Deaf interpreters to receive stipends to interpret at our general membership meetings and follow similar mentorship opportunity as we do for the hearing pre‐certified and certified team. We established an emergency fund for our membership. We provide scholarship opportunities for our members to attend regional and national conferences. We are involved in community task forces, especially the Sign Language Court Interpretation Task Force led by Barrier Free Living. We continue to host the Deaf Interpreter Relations Committee (DIRC) meeting when needed, as a way to remain in contact with the Deaf community and discuss/share issues we all have.

How would you define the members of your affiliate chapter? Our members are made up of a diverse community of interpreters who work in a gamut of settings including, but not limited to: schools, colleges, hospitals, VRS, community, higher education, television shows, and Broadway. We serve the NYC metro area, which is the multicultural capital of the U.S., and our consumers reflect the richness of that diversity.

What is your affiliate chapter’s claim to fame? Our member, Lewis Merkin, CDI is very involved member in this chapter and is now Member at Large on the RID Board of Directors. Our chapter sponsored the Deaf Community forum at the RID National Conference in San Francisco, which was implemented by some of our members.

Please list any upcoming meetings, events, workshops, conferences: To be determined. We recently voted in new board, so we haven’t been able to set up our schedule for 2010‐2011 term.

What else would you like to share about your affiliate chapter? We are a great chapter; our members are committed to the interpreting field and to the Deaf community.

June 2010 e-News RID Region I Report: Long Island RID Profile

Lewis Merkin, Member at Large

Long Island RID (LIRID)
Co‐Presidents: Sandra Blum and Toni Nuccio‐Kretzmer

Hello from Long Island RID.

We are thrilled to have 84 of the most amazing members, and we’re proud to be growing!

We have a wonderful and creative fundraising committee. We offer opportunities which benefit the Deaf and hard of hearing communities, as well as the interpreter community. This year, we began to invite local vendors, who are either deaf or working interpreters, to come to showcase and sell their crafts at our bimonthly general meetings. We also plan to rent out a local theater for an open‐captioned movie night. Not to mention our annual Avon fundraiser along with various sporting events, which in the past have varied from tickets to a Long Island Ducks, New York Mets and New York Islander games.

Long Island RID is about giving back. This year in particular, we want to use the financial resources we have to support local groups. We hosted a table at the annual Fall Festival, which was held at Mill Neck School for the Deaf. We also offered an “Introduction to Legal Interpreting” workshop for free to our members after our September meeting and are planning more workshops for this coming year.

We are a talented group of people who truly care about the profession and each other. We are reminded of our thanks to our community, our spirit and genuine love of interpreting. We will be continuing to thrive for years to come.

Please feel free to take a look at our website to check upcoming meetings and events!


June 2010 e-News RID Region I Report: Central New York RID Profile

Lewis Merkin, Member at Large

REMINDER TO REGION I MEMBERS: Vote in the Region I Representative Election by Midnight, EST, February, 1, 2011.

Central New York RID 
Joanne W. Dermody

Best wishes for a happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year from the Central New York RID (CNYRID) chapter! Here, in central New York, it really looks like winter has arrived with over 40 inches of snow in the last four days!

CNYRID is one of the affiliate chapters of RID in New York and has between 40‐50 members. In fact, we still have some of the first members from 1972 continuing to support and serve our chapter. One person, however, was instrumental in our history: Marjorie Clere, who in 1972, worked together with a group of deaf and hearing individuals to establish the CNYRID Chapter.

Marj Clere inspired us by sign, word and most importantly, by her humble example to learn and grow and respect the language and culture of the Deaf. We know in Central NY, her legacy and the values she taught us will continue to guide us as we move ahead in this profession, not only as individuals but as an organization.

The CNYRID, together with the Deaf Advocacy Council of CNY, Aurora of CNY and WHOLE ME, Inc., co‐sponsored the Annual Community Christmas Party held in Camillus. This year’s celebration was December 4th and more than 200 people attended to enjoy great food and fun! Signing Santa and his elf stopped by to visit with all the children and wish everyone a Merry Christmas! This annual event has been enjoyed by young and old in our area for more than 24 years!

CNYRID’s bi‐monthly meetings have developed a new format with a general membership meeting first, followed by a dinner break and then a “mini” workshop which offers our members and colleagues CEUs. The next meeting will be in January, and of course, we schedule it “weather permitting?” Check out our Web site at www.cnyrid.net !