January 2010 e-News RID Region IV Report

Chris Grooms, Region IV Representative

Greetings Region IV members and Happy 2010! I am thrilled to be working with the Region IV President’s Council again and truly honored to be able to represent the members of Region IV on the RID Board of Directors. I would like to take this opportunity to send a huge ‘Thank You,’ on behalf of Region IV members, to Amy Seiberlich for her service and dedication to Region IV. Amy has served the region with passion and conviction; she will be missed, but will always be an example of exemplary leadership we can all strive for. I would also like to thank the outgoing Presidents of Oklahoma RID (OKRID), Lisa Mathes and of North Dakota RID (NDRID), Cindy Kupfer for their hard work and dedication to their respective affiliate chapters and to Region IV over the past several years. They will both be missed for their enthusiasm and willingness to lead and serve members on the state and regional levels. At the same time, I would like to welcome the incoming presidents of OKRID, Janna Byrd and of NDRID, Eileen Gray. Both are dedicated leaders and are committed to the affiliate chapter members they represent. The Region IV Presidents Council looks forward to their contributions as we move the region forward into a new decade.

Save the dates for another invigorating and inspiring Region IV conference! This year we will be convening in Omaha, Nebraska August 5-10, for a weekend of fun, networking and professional development. We appreciate the work begun by NDRID and continued by Nebraska RID (NeRID) and all the members of the conference planning team to make this yet another energetic and dynamic conference for the region. Visit the Region IV section of the RID Web site for more information.

Finally, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the board and members of OKRID for inviting me to attend “Come Together 6” their state conference, January 15-16. The two days of camaraderie and professional development were stimulating for all and I truly appreciate the hospitality afforded me by members of OKRID. And, of course, there is nothing like spending two days with old friends and making many new ones, too! Thanks, OKRID!

Colorado RID

President Kari Baker

Happy New Year!

The Colorado RID (CRID) board began the New Year with our bi-monthly seven-hour board meeting. There were lots of talk, laughter, and, of course, food. Food is, to be quite honest, one of my favorite parts of board meetings. This time, our Vice President, Nancy L. Dobbs, made a chocolate cake that was…well, I have no words to describe it. I ate three (or was it four?) slices. In between eating all the wonderful food, we accomplished much a