Hi! I’m Bill Millios, the Director of Communications and Outreach at RID. I just wanted to take a minute to share some news with you. I’m sharing this a little bit informally on social media in the hopes that it reaches those who might not be on the RID membership list – this message is for those who are students or emerging practitioners who are looking to pursue certification as early as January 2020 with the new exam that is coming from CASLI.

A huge shout-out to our amazing sponsors, who have been very generous this year.  As a result, we are able to offer deep registration discounts for students and emerging practitioners.  If you are a student, you can come to the conference for $300, and we’ll include a one-year student membership to RID.

If you are an uncertified interpreter who is pursuing certification in the near future – an emerging practitioner – then we have two options for you:  $300 for a full conference registration, or $400 for conference registration and a one-year associate membership to RID. This is actually a great deal, because members get a discount on the certification exams.

To get this special registration rate, you have to use the link, provided below.

Of special interest to those who are looking at certification in the near future is our new Test Prep session on Sunday, July 7.  This session has two parts. The first part is by Star Grieser, the Director of CASLI, who will cover “what does the exam look like” and “what’s on the exam?”

The second part is especially exciting – it’s led by Christine Multra Kraft, Holly Nelson, and Marlee Dyce.  They are gifted instructors and presenters, who have extensive experience in helping prepare interpreters for certification. They will be leading workshop participants through a self-guided assessment. Resources that address specific needs will be provided. The goal is that each participant leaves the workshop with a study plan so that they can prepare for the certification exams when they become available in January 2020.

I’ve provided a link to the specific workshop below as well.

There’s also a whole track of “Graduation to Certification” sessions provided by Richard Laurion and his amazing team at the CATIE Center.  You can get more information on those at the third link – just select “Graduation to Certification” on the right-hand side.

I look forward to seeing you in Providence!

Special registration link:

Link to the specific workshop for Test Prep:

Link to all the classes (select the “Graduation to Certification” checkbox on the right-hand side to see specific GTC courses):