2015 RID National Conference Presenters

///2015 RID National Conference Presenters
2015 RID National Conference Presenters2018-04-24T06:12:56-05:00

Selected Presenters for the 2015 RID National Conference

You can see the actual workshop schedule here.

Plenary Session

Presenter(s) Presentation Title Topic
Leilani J. Johnson
Marty Taylor
Brenda Schick
Susan Brown
Laurie Bolster
Educational Interpreting: Current Practices Educational Interpreting


Professional Discussion (1.5 hours)

Presenter(s) Presentation Title Topic
Tiffany Harding
IEIS council
Interpreters in Educational and Instructional Settings Members Section IEISMS Professional Discussion Educational Interpreting
Robyn K. Dean From “Do nothing” to “Do no harm”: Collaborative values in medical interpreting Medical Interpreting
Barbara Shaffer
Terry Janzen
Interpreting as an Intersubjective Discourse Activity Discourse
Julie Anne Schafer It’s Time to Raise Interpreter Standards in Your State Advocacy
Carla Mathers The Contribution of Deaf Interpreters to Gate Keeping within the Interpreting Profession Legal
Andreana Durkin Word and World Knowledge Among Deaf students with and without Cochlear Implants Educational Interpreting
Jessica Bentley-Sassaman
Brian Morrison
Educational Interpreter Boot Camp: Bridging the Gap from ITP to Working in Schools Educational Interpreting
Tia Ivanko
Kathy Schwabeland
Educational Interpreters and Transition for Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing Educational Interpreting
Julie A. White
Christine Multra Kraft
Native-like ASL Interactional Cues: Can They be Taught? Deaf-Hearing Interpreter Team
William Millios Asynchronous Video Translation and Production Techniques for CDIs CDI
Rebecca Minor
Jessica Bentley-Sassaman
Mentoring and ITP Students, Current Trends Mentoring
Nancy Berlove
Howard Rosenblum
Chris Wagner
Nancy Berlove
Yokoshino Chino
Cris Eggers
Stephanie Feyne
Roger Kraft
Ryan Leon
Paula McCluskey
Stephanie Nichols
Jody Prysock
David Scholl
NAD/RID Reputable Agency Task Force – Report on 2013-2015 Committee Work Ethical Business Practice
Laurie Swabey
Carol Patrie
Richard Laurion
Healthcare Interpreting Career Lattice Healthcare Interpreting
Jeffrey E. Davis Interpreting in International, Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts Diversity
Katie Bower VIs and Burnout VI Interpreting
VIMS Member Section Leaders VIMS Meeting VI Interpreting
Laurie Reese Reinhardt Deaf-Hearing Interpreter Teams: Navigating Trust in Shared Space Deaf-Hearing Interpreter Team
Robyn K. Dean Condemned to repetition? An analysis of problem-setting and problem-solving in sign language interpreting ethics Ethics


Extended Workshops (5 hours)

Presenter(s) Presentation Title Topic
Judy Cain
Carrie Moore
Pragmatically Speaking: WHY Are We Doing This? Educational Interpreting
David Rivera
Jason Norman
ASL Conceptual Blending in Academics Educational Interpreting
Stephanie Feyne Utilizing Space in our ASL interpretations in Educational Settings Educational Interpreting
Angela M. Kaufman
Tomina J. Schwenke
Emergency Management Tool Kit for Interpreters and Affiliate Chapters Emergency Management
Shane A. Westmoreland Strategies for Interpreting Adolescent and Adult Psychological Assessments and Standardized Tests Mental Health Interpreting


Workshops (3 hours)

Presenter(s) Presentation Title Topic
David N. Evans You Drink Too Much: Understanding Alcoholism Mental Health Interpreting
Cat B. Dvar
Carol-lee Aquiline
Thawing Out the Guilty Plea: Frozen Legal Text in Translation, a Teaming Workshop Legal
Pamela Collins
Jo Linda P. Greenfield
Mark A. Morrison
Leandra Williams
The Voices Behind THE HIDDEN TREASURE OF BLACK ASL: Its History and Structure Diversity
Alex Jackson Nelson
Ander Bolduc
Understanding Trans* Identities and Terminology: ASL and English Diversity
Holly Thomas-Mowery Trauma-Informed Interpreting: Domestic and Sexual Violence Trauma-Informed Interpreting
Paula Gajewski Mickelson The More We Change, the More We Stay the Same: Examining Conflict in Interpreting Ethical Business Practices
Jean Parmir
Pamela Brodie
Interpreting in Education: Your Role in Transforming Practice Educational Interpreting
Richard Brumberg The Highs of High-Visual Interpreting in Educational Settings Educational Interpreting
Joshua Pennise Leading Interpreters- A Fresh Look at Research and Practice Leadership
Carla Mathers
Richard Laurion
Field Induction: Creating the Essential Elements for Competence in Specialized Settings Legal/Medical

Tomina J. Schwenke Amy Peterson

Tara Potterveld

Are You Competent to Interpret Legal Competency Hearings and Evaluations? Mental Health
Corey Axelrod Don’t Be Mad if I Don’t Look: Accommodating HoH Consumers Diversity
Gino Gouby Making The Case of Deaf-Deaf Interpreting Teams Deaf Interpreting Team
Tamar Jackson Nelson Interpreter Accountability: How Do Interpreters’ Choices Impact Consumers? Diversity/Ethics
Nancy Berlove
Kelly Decker
Regan Thibodeau
The Business of Providing Interpreting Services Today – A Stakeholder Forum Ethics/Ethical Business Practices
Gino Gouby Case Conferencing and the CDI – Part 1 Deaf Interpreting/Mentoring
Gino Gouby Case Conferencing and the CDI – Part 2 Deaf Interpreting/Mentoring
Tamar Jackson Nelson VRS Interpreting: An Ethical Discussion VRS Interpreting