The application process to become an RID Approved Sponsor is temporarily unavailable.

RID Approved Sponsors are a vital part of the Certification Maintenance Program and Associate Continuing Education Tracking system. They provide members an avenue to maintain their currency and competence through continuing education. The application is available for anyone who would like to apply.For more information about the role and basic responsibilities of an RID Approved Sponsor, please visit CMP Sponsor Information.

RID Approved Sponsors can provide up to four different activities that include Sponsor Initiated Activities, Participant Initiated Non RID Activities (PINRAs), Academic Coursework, and Independent Studies. Our current list of RID Approved Sponsors represent over 40 states across the nation and includes Interpreting Training Programs, Interpreting Service Agencies, State Commissions, individuals and RID Affiliate Chapters. By opening up the application process, our goal is to expand the pool of RID approved continuing education content.

The responsibilities of an Approved Sponsor are extensive, you will serve as a designated gatekeeper to ensure that educational programming meets the stringent requirements of the RID CMP Standards and Criteria (S&C). Prior to investing time an energy responding to the online application process, you must gain familiarity with the CMP/ACET system and the Approved Sponsor role. The application is lengthy, however you will have the option to save what you complete and come back to it at a later date. Be advised you are being judged on the completeness and quality of your response. You are being asked to demonstrate your background and knowledge for educational principles and of the CMP/ACET system itself. Once you have completed the application in full, you will receive a confirmation email. Once submitted, the Professional Development Committee will review all submissions and notify applicants within 60 days of their decision.

If the application is deemed incomplete or a failing application, all fees are forfeited.

If you have any questions please contact the Professional Development Department by email at or by phone 703-838-0030, option 7.

How to apply:

□ You MUST Read the RID CMP Standards and Criteria  prior to completing the application.

□ Successfully complete the Approved Sponsor online training modules (

□ Fill out the application by clicking Make sure the all questions are answered and that application has been proofread and edited.

□ Submit the application fee  (Sponsor Application Fee $200, Affiliate Chapter Fee $150, Independent Study $35). Please note that the application fee is non-refundable.

Items needed to complete the application (failure to provide complete information will forfeit all application fees) :

□ Organization/individual vitae

□ The designated CMP administrator’s current vitae

□ Copies of cancellation and refund policies

□ Materials related to a recent professional development activity (brochures, flyers, evaluations, certificates of completion, participation verification and/or sign-in sheets, etc.). You will need at least two.

□ A sample evaluation/assessment instrument (showing your strategies for measuring successful transfer of knowledge)