Participant Initiated Non-RID Activities (PINRA) are a unique feature of the CMP/ACET system.  The PINRA provides a structure for bringing new information into the field as well as documenting innovative educational programs.  Sponsors are encouraged to consider using a PINRA with participants seeking education and experiences for which connections to interpreting are not readily apparent.  The PINRA is not designed for group activities or for RID sponsored events that are pulled together quickly and without planning for CEU documentation.

A.        Eligibility of Sponsors

Any Sponsor may administer a Participant-Initiated Non-RID Activity (PINRA).  This is not restricted to those Sponsors approved for Independent Study Activities.

B.         Eligible Activities  

The participant may wish to attend professional development opportunities offered by organizations that are not involved with interpreting and are unlikely to seek working with an RID Sponsor. If a conference or workshop is not co-sponsored by an RID Approved Sponsor, the participant may apply to a Sponsor for CEUs for that event.  By using the PINRA Form (see Appendix C), the participant will identify the activity and related information, and provide any additional documentation required by the Sponsor.

This form must be approved by the Sponsor prior to the activity.  The participant must provide copies of registration, conference agenda, or other documentation that identifies content, hours, and a