A.        Affiliation Requirements       

Sponsors are encouraged but not required to maintain membership in RID at the appropriate level (organizational or individual) for the duration of their Approved Sponsor status. This will ensure Sponsors stay current on issues of importance in the field and to the association membership.  Affiliate Chapter status fulfills this requirement.

B.         Administrator and Change of Administrator Requirements

All Sponsors must have an identifiable and consistent contact person charged with the administration of continuing education activities.  This individual shall have the responsibility for ensuring all of the requirements established by the PDC and specified in this document are maintained.  An organization may change its designated contact person by notifying RID Headquarters of the change in writing, however these changes should be infrequent for the benefit of continuity and consistent operations.

C.        Conflict of Interest

Sponsors and their agents are to avoid, at all times, any actual or apparent conflicts of interest.  A conflict of interest would include, but not be limited to, a Continuing Education Administrator monitoring his/her own Academic Coursework, Independent Study and/or approving his/her own Participant Initiated Non-RID Activity.

D.        Sponsor Discretion  

It is the Sponsor’s responsibility to ensure the educational integrity of each activity.  This assumes the Sponsor has the necessary expertise (or access to expertise) in the subject area and the resources available to appropriately administer a given activity.  If, in the Sponsor’s judgment, a proposed activity lacks valid educational outcomes, measurable and observable learning objectives, and/or falls outside of the Content Areas specified in Section III, the Sponsor should deny sponsorship of that activity unless missing elements may be provided through some other source.

E.          Inactive Sponsor Status

  1. Initiating Inactive Status: There may be times when a Sponsor must temporarily suspend active sponsorship of RID Continuing Education activities.  A Sponsor may secure Inactive Status by submitting written notification to RID Headquarters. The rights and responsibilities of the Sponsor will then be temporarily suspended as of the requested date.
  1. Resuming Active Sponsorship: In order to resume active sponsorship, the Sponsor must submit documentation to RID Headquarters identifying any changes in program administration, Continuing Education Activity oversight, location, etc. The Sponsor must be in good standing and not have had their sponsorship suspended or revoked. The PDC will then make a determination as to whether the renewing entity continues to meet the minimum requirements for sponsorship status.  A Sponsor may remain inactive for no more than five years.  After such time, a complete reapplication for sponsorship status must be processed.