How to Earn RID CEUs

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Participants must work with an RID-Approved Sponsor to earn CEU credits. You can locate a sponsor by using the RID searchable database. Any RID member may use any sponsor, regardless of location.

Want to find out how to get the activity you are hosting sponsored as an official RID activity? Learn more>> 

CEU Processing Timeframe

It can take up to 60 days for activities to appear on the attendees’ RID transcripts. If there is a CEU activity that took place more than 60 days ago missing from your transcript, please complete and submit a CEU discrepancy report.

Activities That Earn RID CEUs

The most important strategy in accruing your CEUs is to plan ahead so that you don’t miss key opportunities to earn CEUs.

There are four ways to earn CEUs:

  1. Academic coursework taken from an accredited institution
  2. RID-approved sponsor initiated activities
  3. Participant-initiated non-RID activities (PINRA)
  4. Independent study activities

Download RID’s quick guide to earning CEUs 

The chart below provides more information about these four options. For more details click the side bar on the left.


How to use the option

College Courses
  1. Contact an RID Sponsor to process the appropriate forms
  2. Complete the course
  3. Submit final documentation to the Sponsor

*Can be done retro-active, as long as it is done and completed within that cycle

*Paperwork must be submitted to an RID approved sponsor before the completion of your CMP cycle.

RID Sponsored Workshops
  1. Make sure CEUs for the workshop are offered by an RID Sponsor (look for the CMP logo on the flyers)
  2. Register for and attend the workshop
  3. Sign the Activity Report Form and record the Activity number for your own documentation. (Make sure you have your RID member number)
Non-RID Conferences or Seminars
  1. Obtain information about the conference, workshop or seminar you want to attend
  2. Contact an RID Sponsor prior to attending to process the form
  3. Attend the conference or seminar and collect the appropriate documentation
  4. Send the documentation to the sponso