The independent study is designed to meet the needs of practicing professionals who desire an alternative to traditional instructional activities. Independent study guidelines are provided by RID to sponsors. With guidance from a sponsor, participants can undertake a self-designed educational experience for the enhancement of skills and knowledge in a specific area.

Under the direction of a sponsor, individuals may design an independent study activity around many of their professional activities. However, independent study credit may not come from participants’ routine employment responsibilities.

Benefits of the Independent Study Option

  • Often less expensive
  • Offers a flexible time schedule
  • Does not usually require travel
  • Can be tailored to exactly what you want to learn

What qualifies for an independent study?

  • Research
  • Course instruction
  • Publications – writing articles for VIEWSthe Journal of Interpretation, or other publications
  • Study groups
  • Multi-media instruction
  • Mentorship – both being mentored and mentoring
  • Literature review – RID offers many publications that work for this option
  • Self-study curriculum
  • Other options you may have in mind

Click here to see the detailed guide for completing an independent study.

Steps to Complete an Independent Study

  1. Decide on the activity for which you wish to earn CEUs
  2. Contact an Approved Sponsor who processes Independent Studies and discuss your ideas. The sponsor can help you work out a plan for what you would like to learn, the type of documentation required and the number of CEUs you can earn. You will be asked to respond in writing to a few questions to help map out what you will be doing.
  3. The Sponsor will sign and approve the Independent Study Plan. You may now begin work on the activity (any work done before this point cannot earn CEUs). It is important to document your time and efforts while you work on your activity.
  4. At the completion of the activity, send the sponsor your report, documentation and other information outlined in the Independent Study Plan. The sponsor will review the documentation to ensure that it meets the standards and goals agreed upon in the Independent Study Plan.
  5. When satisfied that the project has been completed satisfactorily, the sponsor will fill out the Independent Study Activity Report and send all required paperwork to RID Headquarters to be added to your record.