Sponsor initiated activities are developed by an RID approved sponsor and presented for group instruction or individual study. Examples include short courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, teleconferences and distance learning.

Benefits of Sponsor Initiated Activities:

  • Pre-approved for RID CEUs
  • Can be located on the RID workshop searchable database

How to Identify an RID Approved Workshop

All promotional material for activities offering RID CEUs should display:

  • The RID CMP and/or ACET logo
  • The name of the RID approved Sponsor
  • The number of CEUs and the content (Professional Studies or General Studies)

Still not sure if an activity is offering RID CEUs? Members can search for the workshop by using the  RID searchable database to locate the activity. Most activities are available to be searched 30 days before the start of the event.

When considering a workshop, check the brochure or flyer for the RID CMP logo and/or a statement that reads “This is an RID Sponsor approved activity.”

Steps to Use Sponsor Initiated Activities

workshops steps

  1. Make sure CEUs for the workshop are offered by an RID Sponsor (look for the CMP logo on the flyers)
  2. Register for and attend the workshop
  3. When you attend the workshop, make sure you have your RID member number, located on your membership card and in your membership profile.
  4. Sign the Activity Report Form and record the activity number for your own documentation