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Associate Continuing Education Tracking Program

I am an Associate member and would like to be enrolled in the ACET program.  

All Associate members are automatically enrolled in the ACET program to have their CEUs tracked.

I’m an Associate member; am I required to earn CEUs? 

As an Associate member, RID does not require that you earn CEUs to maintain your membership status.

As an Associate member, when I become certified will my CEUs be transferred over to my certification cycle?

When an Associate member becomes certified, the CEUs earned in the ACET program do not transfer over to fulfill the CMP requirements.


Certification Maintenance Program

How many CEUs do I need to maintain my certification?  

To maintain your certification, you need to earn a total of 8.0 CEUs (80 contact hours) with a minimum of 6.0 in Professional Studies (PS) within each certification cycle (4 years).

Is there a requirement to earn General Studies (GS) CEUs?

There is no requirement to earn General Studies (GS) CEUs. Please remember that if GS CEUs are earned only a maximum of 2.0 CEUs will be counted towards your total.

Am I able to earn all my CEUs in Professional Studies (PS)?

Yes, you may earn all of the CEUs required (8.0) in Professional Studies (PS).

I have earned over 8.0 CEUs for my certification cycle; will the extra CEUs that I have earned roll over to my next certification cycle?  

No. CEUs must be earned within your cycle begin and end dates to count towards maintaining your certification for that cycle. CEUs beyond the 8.0 required will not roll over into your next certification cycle.

How do I find out when my certification cycle will ends?

This information can be found by logging into your RID member portal where the certification cycle start and end date will be listed above the CEU table.

My member ID card has an expiration date of June 30th, is this when my certification cycle will expire?

Membership cycles run on the fiscal year, which ends on June 30th. Certification cycles run on the calendar year, which ends on December 31st. Your certification cycle does not expire when your membership expires, however, part of maintaining your certification is maintaining membership.

 Is there a renewal fee once my certification cycle expires?        

There is no renewal fee for your certification. Be sure that your membership is up to date to avoid revocation.

My certification cycle ends at the end of the year and I have completed all of my CEUs, what do I do next?  

There is nothing more that you need to do. Your new certification cycle will be added shortly after the new year begins.

I am late paying my member dues, will my certification be revoked?

Membership dues are due June 30th. Certified members are given a one-month grace period to renew, and can do so without penalty by July 31st. If you renew your certified membership between August 1st and December 31st, you will be required to pay a late fee. If you have not renewed your membership by January 1st, your certification will be revoked.

Earning Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

I have completed academic coursework, am I able to earn CEUs for my classes?    

Yes. You will need to contact an RID approved sponsor to process the paperwork. (Academic Coursework)

There is a workshop that I would like to attend but they are not offering CEUs. How can I receive CEUs for completing the workshop?

You are able to earn CEUs by contacting an RID approved sponsor to approve the workshop before the start of the event. This is called a PINRA (Participant Initiated Non-RID Activity).

How long does it take for CEUs to appear on my CEU transcript?

Sponsors have up to 60 days to process CEUs and add the workshop to your transcript.

It has been more than 60 days and the CEUs do not appear on my transcript, what do I do?

Complete and submit a CEU discrepancy report. Be sure to attach the certificate of completion for the activity.

I’m late paying my member dues, am I able to still earn CEUs?

If you are late paying your membership dues, you are still able to earn CEUs. Please be aware of the membership requirement for maintaining certification – if you do not renew by January 1 after your membership expires, it is grounds for your certification to be revoked.

When can I begin earning CEUs to fulfill the CMP requirements?

You can begin earning CEUs any time on or after your results sent date which can be found by logging into your member portal and clicking “View Your Exam History” or on or after your cycle begin date.

How do I locate an RID approved sponsor?  

You can locate an RID approved sponsor by using the CMP/ACET Sponsor search directory. The sponsor does not have to be in the state that you work or reside in.

Extension Request

I may not be able to complete the CEU requirement for my certification cycle, what are my options?

If you will not be able to meet the CEU requirements by the end of your certification cycle, you may request a once-in-a-lifetime one year certification cycle extension.

I have already received a once-in-a-lifetime one year extension, am I able to request another one?

You may not request another once in a lifetime one year certification cycle extension request if you were previously approved for one.

CEU Transcripts

I can’t see the CEU’s from my last (or previous) cycles?

Only CEUs from your current certification cycle will be visible on your CEU transcript. To view previous workshops click “View Your Education History” located on the left hand side of the screen of the member portal. When adjusting the dates to view previous CEU activities, type the start and end dates or use the drop down calendar feature to select both a year and a day. If you need an official copy of your CEU transcript, please click here to fill out a CEU transcript request form.

I’m a Student member and I can’t find my official CEU transcript.

CEUs are only tracked for Certified and Associate members. Student members do not have access to an official CEU transcript.

My state requires that I provide an official CEU transcript of my previous workshops. How can I obtain a copy of my official CEU transcript of my previous workshops?

Please click here to fill out a CEU transcript request form.