The RID Certification Committee advises the RID Board of Directors by recommending policies and standards related to the RID Certification system.

Reports to: RID Board of Directors

Board Liaison: Brenda Sellers


  • Danny Maffia (Chair)
  • Antwan Campbell
  • Rebecca DeSantis
  • Whitney Gissell
  • Andrea K. Smith
  • Ashley Holladay (Staff Liaison)

Frequency of Reports:    Monthly
Cumulative report: March 2019, March 2021

For the term 2017-2019, the RID Certification Committee members are charged to complete the following tasks:

  • Element #1: Develop guidelines for recognizing credentials from entities other than RID.
    1. (CM 2007.04) Develop a set of guidelines for including membership and/or conferring of certified status, individuals who hold credentials from any entity other than RID; that these guidelines be approved by majority vote of the certified membership of RID; and that RID wait until the implementation of these guidelines prior to entering into further discussion, agreements, contracts or in any way incorporating non-RID certificates into our organization.
      1. Provide recommendations to the RID Board. Recommendations are provided to the Board via the Board liaison.
    2. Explore options for granting specialty certification in legal, medical and other areas of practice.
      1. Explore the concept of a portfolio for recognizing specialty credentials.
      2. Provide recommendations to the Board for accepting specialty certification
  • Element #2: Recommend to the Board requirements for granting RID generalist certification
    1. Explore what requirements must be met in addition to a passing score of a CASLI administered generalist exam to be granted National Interpreter Certification (NIC) and Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI).
      1. Determine if the current degree requirement should be a certification requirement or a testing requirement.
      2. Determine if an affirmation of adherence to the Code of Professional Conduct, hours of training, or other requirements must be met for granting of certification.