The Nominations Committee is an independently appointed committee that serves the purpose of identifying the needs of the organization.  The nominations committee will identify suitable candidates to serve on the RID Board of Directors.

Reports to: Works independently with the assistance of a Board and HQ liaison.

Frequency of Reports:   Monthly
Cumulative report: At the conclusion of the nomination period

For the term 2017-2021, Nomination Committee members are charged to complete the following tasks:

  • Element #1: Design and execute an intentional process to recruit and retain the best Board members to help achieve the institution’s mission, including the following activities:
    1. Review and recommend optimum composition for the Board including diversity screens, skills, and behaviors;
    2. Identification, cultivation and screening of candidates;
    3. Seek input from the Board of Directors and ED on the needed professional and personal competencies for each election cycle for members of the Board of Directors.
  • Element #2: Prepare a slate of at least two nominees for each elective office.
    1. Review nominees’ qualification for office;
    2. Inform nominees of their placement on the slate of candidates;
    3. Provide the slate of candidate information to the elections committee.