The Council of Elders provides the President and the Board with historical information that upholds the Board’s desire to ensure that RID’s roots and history are embodied in all matters of the Board.

Reports to: The RID Board of Directors


Board of Director Liaison:

Current Council Members (2019-2021):

Lewis Merkin
Leandra Williams
Janis Cole
Jan Nishimura
Eileen Forestal
Linda Carroll

For the term 2017-2021, the Council of Elders members are charged to complete the following tasks:

  1. Work in collaboration with the board for the purpose of preserving and upholding the foundations of RID.
    1. Serve as a private resource, to the Board for information sharing and recommendations.
    2. Under the direction of the National Board, serve as a resource, when requested, for RID committees, member sections, etc.
    3. Address additional items referred to the council by the board of directors.
    4. When requested, volunteer chair (or representative) be available to attend board meetings (including both video meetings and face-to-face meetings).

How is the council organized?

The council operates during the specified two-year term.  The council is lead by a chair, determined by the board of directors.  The chair and council members serve the two-year term with the support of the board liaison.  The board liaison is determined by the board.  The role of the board liaison is explained in the RID Volunteer Leadership Manual. The council members work to meet the assigned roles and responsibilities determined for the specified two-year term. Each council member is appointed for the two-year term and may be re-appointed for up to three consecutive terms. The council begins upon appointment and completes its work at the end of the national conference.

How often does the council meet?

The council meets as needed, determined by the council chair and council members.  Meetings are, generally, conducted, at minimum, quarterly via video conference with electronic communication betwee