Deaf Member-at-Large Ritchie Bryant – Update on CDI Bridge Plan

//Deaf Member-at-Large Ritchie Bryant – Update on CDI Bridge Plan

Deaf Member-at-Large Ritchie Bryant – Update on CDI Bridge Plan



Hi. I’m Ritchie Bryant. I’m the Deaf Member-at-Large for the RID Board of Directors.

I’m here to provide an update for the progress of the CDI Bridge Plan. We are aware that people are eagerly looking forward to additional information about the steps for obtaining a provisional CDI certification. I want to offer my apologies for the delay, and explain what has happened.

The Committee did their work, and submitted their recommendations to the Board.  The Board met, and reviewed the recommendations.

One of the specific recommendations had a potential legal issue; the Board referred this to their legal counsel, and the attorney has made specific recommendations for the Board, who in turn shared it with the committee.

The committee is now reviewing the initial recommendations, the attorney’s response, and discussing what we feel should be done next.  We expect to complete this work soon, and we are formulating another response to the Board.   Once that is completed, the Board will go through the proposal for a final review before it goes out to the general membership.

We recognize that it was supposed to be completed in July, and now we are close to September.  We understand the impatience.  We believe that it is important that we go through this thoroughly as possible to avoid any possible issues, legal or otherwise, that could have been avoided. So, this is the reason why we have been detaining the plan. Again, we apologize. We want to be sure that this process goes through the correct procedures. Thank you for your understanding.

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