RID Region IV Report

Connie Herndon, M.A., CI and CT Region IV Representative

What do roving reporters, OnStar, scarecrows and Dora the Explorer have in common? For board members attending Region IV’s annual leadership retreat, they signify teamwork, creativity, problem‐solving, networking and lots of laughter.

Leaders from 11 states converged at the Colorado Chautauqua National Historic Landmark in Boulder, CO, for a peaceful, invigorating weekend retreat from their daily routines. The 20 leaders divided into work groups (a.k.a. boards) that tackled self‐identified, real problems affiliate chapters are facing. With limited direction, finances, human resources and time, each board investigated the problem. Tapping into varied experience levels, individual expertise and spontaneous creativity, the boards spent hours discussing, brainstorming—and playing.

The culmination of each group’s efforts produced the Saturday Night Suitcase Showcase. Each retreat attendee took on the role of performer and audience member to experience educational, entertaining and out‐of‐the‐box solutions to current issues. What a display of talent! The showcase featured a newscast video with interviews of real people discussing membership in professional organizations; the AC OnStar system, providing direction and assistance to affiliate chapters facing roadblocks and detours; scarecrows portraying interpreters with ethical issues; and a Dora spoof to explore the pitfalls of volunteer membership planning.

The November 4‐6 event provided three days of opportunities for team‐building and networking, yielding timeless friendships and professional collaboration that will continue to unify and guide the focus of Region IV.

"Dora the Explorer" group at Region IV event

Dora the Explorer group
Karlene Kischer‐Brown (IA), Nikki Cherry (AR), Nora McAllister (TX), Mary Alice Gardner (MO), and Eileen Gray (ND) spoofed “Dora the Explorer” to show how to boost evaluation scores with successful planning.

AC OnStar group

AC OnStar group
As the guiding voice of AC OnStar, Erma Webb (TX, standing) helped travelers navigate challenging legislative roadblocks. Driver Danelle Klassy (ND), front seat passenger Nicole Waitley (KS), and back seat passengers Jerri Smith (OK, left) and Trisha Smith (MT, right) celebrate a safe arrival at their destination.

Scarecrow group

Scarecrow group
Laura Lord (IA), Denise May (MT), Dan Lasher (CO), and Lisa Bolding (MO) presented an entertaining, thought‐provoking look at ethical issues among interpreters with the help of some scarecrows.

region4 group watching Skype

neRID Skype photo
Retreat attendees connected via Skype with Nebraska RID (neRID) at their state conference in Omaha.

Region IV Leadership Retreat Group Shot

Region IV Leadership Retreat Group Shot