Jafet Sauceda
Los Angeles, CA (Region V)



How Long Have You Been a Member of RID?

7 years

Describe a favorite assignment or accomplishment you’ve achieved as an interpreter.

I was asked to interpret for the mayor of Los Angeles for his State of the City address. It was the biggest platform assignment of my career with hundreds of audience members present while being televised. The ability to interpret for the mayor was a successful and rewarding experience primarily since he would code switch from English to Spanish. Trilingual interpreting was the most important skill needed for this particular assignment, I was fortunate to have had this type of training and experience. I was proud to have represented my city and the interpreting profession.

What are your professional goals as an interpreter?

My daily goal is to continue to learn and improve within this profession. I firmly believe no matter how many years or certifications one may have, there’s always room for growth. In particular I choose to work in K-12 settings because I’m passionate about the education of deaf children. Interpreters are language models for these students and they would highly benefit by having a strong educational foundation. It is my ultimate goal to give every deaf child that I work with the best educational experience. I particularly strive to make myself available to Spanish speaking families with deaf children. Providing interpreting services in ASL, English, and Spanish have benefited hearing families to finally become involved in their deaf child’s education. Regardless of being able to speak another spoken language, I hope to have more interpreters join the K-12 setting. If they give K-12 a chance they will see for themselves that they can truly make a difference in a child’s life.

Tell Us Any Fun Facts About Yourself!
(Hobbies, favorite vacation spots, etc…)

I’m a world traveler! I’ve had the opportunity to travel to over thirty countries and meet local deaf members. Egypt, Ireland, Kenya, and Mexico are my favorite countries and hope to continue to travel. When I’m not traveling I enjoy volunteering within the Spanish deaf community and assist hearing parents learn ASL to communicate with their children.


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