Hello! I’m CM Hall, from the RID Nominations Committee. We are responsible for handling the nominations that come in for RID Board elections. We recently sent out a message indicating that we had only received one nomination for each position, so as a result, no election would be necessary. However, it is with great dismay that we discovered the following:

Series of Events

  • On March 7, 2019, Amber Burley emailed signatures to RID’s Nominations Committee. Committee member Brenda Sellers, found that these files were corrupt and therefore replied to Amber from the Nominations email address to inform her, but Amber never received this email.
  • When RID sent out the email mentioning that the Executive Board positions were all uncontested, Amber emailed RID HQ as she was surprised to see that message since she had submitted 40 signatures. We reviewed the Nominations email account, found the file, and asked her to resend the signatures. We confirmed they were valid, but Amber still needed to collect a minimum of one (1) signature from a RID Region V member.
  • The Nominations Committee consulted with RID President Melvin Walker and RID HQ staff and determined that if we had received Amber’s submission in early March, we would have been able to verify and inform her in advance that she was short signatures from all five regions. In fairness, we extended the weekend to Amber to collect signatures for her candidacy from Region V. We have now received and verified the signatures. Amber is also a qualified candidate for the position of RID Secretary.
  • There will be one contested race for the RID Executive Board. We have two (2) declared candidates: Amber Burley and Kelly Decker. We appreciate Amber and Kelly’s gracious responses to this human and technical error.

Thank you,

RID Nominations Committee
CM Hall & Brenda Sellers