One of the most common questions we receive about the EPS is how long does it take to have a case
processed, or more frequently, why is it taking so long to have my case processed? As a result, the
Standards and Practices (S&P) team undertook a project to develop an “Ideal Case Timeline” to help
answer these frequently asked questions. Here is what S&P came up with:

Complaint Received/Acknowledged 2 Days
Complaint Evaluated 14 Days
More Information Needed 14 Days
Response Requested/Received 45 Days
Response Evaluated 14 Days
Open in Mediation
Mediation Scheduled 60 Days
Mediation Agreement 30 Days
Mediation Non-Agreement, Referred to Adjudication 30 Days
Open in Adjudication
Adjudication Panel Decision 30 Days
Appeal Filed 30 Days
Appeal Evaluated, Referred to 2nd Panel 14 Days
Adjudication (Appeal) Panel 30 Days
Adjudication (Appeal) Panel Final Decision 30 Days

This means that, ideally, a case that goes through EVERY step, would be processed within 343 days, a
little over 11 months. However, this does not show the entire story. This is based on the following

  • All Required Components of a Valid complaint are initially included. This means the signed
    complaint form, a detailed narrative that cites specific tenets of the RID Code of Professional
    Conduct (CPC), a summary of actions taken to resolve the matter prior to filing a complaint, etc.
    are included. If these are not included, EPS staff begin emailing, calling, writing letters
    requesting more information. Then we wait for the complainant to comply.
  • The complainant has internet access, a working computer, a web camera, as well as the
    knowledge how to upload a video file if an ASL narrative is preferred.
  • The complainant understands the CPC and its application to interpreter conduct.
  • Neither party is involved in legal proceedings against each other nor an entity related to the
  • The respondents contact information is correct in the RID Database, and the respondent
    receives the request for a respon