It is important for the profession of interpreting to hold interpreters responsible for their ethical behavior. Having a system to process grievances strengthens the field of interpreting and brings about accountability, responsibility and trust to the individuals that the profession serves as well as the professionals themselves.

RID has created a system that focuses on conflict resolution. If adjudication is necessary, the case is reviewed by certified members of RID well versed on the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct and interpreting ethics.

Notification of an Opened Case

If a complaint is filed against you and accepted, you and the person filing the complaint will receive letters that a case has been opened.

Responding to the Complaint

You are asked to submit a written response to the allegations that must be received within 30 days of the date on the notification letter. The response should include:

  • A detailed narrative describing the situation from your perspective
  • Comments addressing each of the violations alleged in the complaint
  • An admission or denial of the allegations, if desired
  • Justification or rationale for your actions during the incident(s)

In addition, you must sign and submit an Official Response Form along with your response to the allegations.

You may choose to consult with another professional (i.e., mentor, supervisor, expert in the field, attorney) for assistance in preparing a response to the allegation(s) set forth in the complaint. However, you must personally sign the response and submit it to RID Headquarters. No written correspondence from RID will be directed to any professional consultant. The case will move forward even if you do not submit a response. A copy of the response will be forwarded to the complainant.

For more information on the mediation and adjudication process, review the Enforcement Procedures Web page.



For assistance, please contact the EPS staff:

(703) 838-0030 x237 voice
(571) 384-5849 videophone