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Good News!!! Trix Bruce is coming to Raymond, Mississippi!
Special Thanks to Hinds Community College Disability Support Services

November 2, 2018, Friday 5pm – 9 pm
Medical Interpreting: Women’s Health & Wellness (NEW!)
Through many mentor sessions working with interpreters, I have kept notes to share. It’s amazing to see how interpreters creatively face challenges as they translate from English to ASL. I treasure opportunities to help interpreters improve their visual thinking, which Deaf audiences appreciate. My workshop offers a myriad of ways to make interpreting more visual. We will demonstrate how classifiers may be used most effectively to communicate specific information in medical interpreting situations. Broaden your understanding of visual interpreting techniques regarding anatomical and medical interpreting. Learn more about Deaf Culture. Visual clips, visual aids, analysis, current medical terminology, and outlines will be available. This workshop will focus on surgery procedures, medical tools, birth, and causes of injury, illness and conditions. (0.4 RID CEUs available)

November 3, 2018, Saturday 8 am – 5 pm
Trix’s Discoveries: Visual Interpreting from English to ASL (NEW!)
Trix guides interpreters working on English-to-ASL skills. Challenges in rendering ASL from English source material develop visual thinking skills. We will be able to:
• demonstrate application of interpreting person, content, place, time, procedures, causes, and reasoning
• demonstrate increased classifier incorporation in interpreting
• demonstrate non-question forms of “who, what, where, when, how and why”
• demonstrate rich visual imagery in interpreting
• collaborate in developing ASL expression of English phrases
• match concepts represented by multiple-meaning words
This workshop will have several hands-on practice activities and group discussions.(0.8 RID CEUs available)

Hinds Community College
Beemon Hall 158
608 Hinds Blvd,
Raymond, MS 39154