RID National Conference Communications Policy

///RID National Conference Communications Policy
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RID National Conference Communications Policy

This motion was passed at the business meeting of the 2015 National Conference in New Orleans.

Motion C2015.03:

Move that the official language of Regional and National RID conferences be American Sign Language (ASL), and be it further moved that ASL interpretation will be provided at Regional and National RID conferences for workshops/presentations which focus on spoken languages, and be it further resolved that ASL as the official language begins with the 2016 Regional RID conferences.

Communications Policy Enforcement for 2019 National Conference (Providence, RI):

Attendees to the RID National Conference are expected to adhere to the official language policy of the Conference – ASL. Attendees are expected to use ASL at all times in all public conference spaces, without the use of their voice.

The only exceptions to this policy are when specific workshops need to include a spoken component, such as trilingual workshops that might include spoken Spanish or other languages, or workshops teaching ASL to spoken English (in which case, voice interpreting during workshop practice is permitted but all other utterances should be signed).

Guests who do not sign are required to have ASL interpreters with them. If these guests are invited by the conference hosts, interpreters will be assigned. If they choose to attend the conference as a participant, they are responsible for providing their own ASL interpreters.

Non-adherence to this policy does a great disservice to the communities that RID serves – the Deaf community and the (bilingual/trilingual) interpreter community. By all of us using our shared language (ASL) – we create an open and inviting space in which we can all participate as equals. To do anything different would be audist and oppressive.

Conference attendees who do not adhere to this policy will be reminded by Conference staff.  Repeat offenders will be asked to leave the conference, forfeiting the remainder of their registration costs without refund.