Greetings to the membership.  As you know, the RID Board of Directors has been involved in an 18-month search for an Executive Director. The initial search began in the late spring of 2015 and did not yield a sufficient pool of applicants. At that time, RID was beginning to address the findings from the 2015 association assessment and three risk assessments, and needed more time to set forth a plan for recovery and sustainability. Therefore, it was determined that the search should be suspended for a year.  It was resumed in the summer of 2016.

The recruitment and search process we followed allowed for a thorough and multi-layered screening and interview with applicants.  Here is a brief summary of the process:

  • The RID Board established a Transition Team (TT) in the spring 2015 to work with RID’s organizational consultant firm, Third Sector New England (TSNE). The TT was comprised of three RID Board Members and five RID members.

  • TSNE received and screened all applicants and submitted to the TT a list of potential candidates.

  • The TT did a second round of review of possible candidates, and conducted interviews with applicants.  From these interviews, the TT forwarded a group of applicants for consideration to the board.

  • The Board decided to move forward with the three applicants.  However, one withdrew prior to the interview.

  • The remaining two applicants were requested to submit vlogs for review and feedback from the RID membership and stakeholders.

  • The RID HQ staff was asked to review the vlogs as well.  There was also an open house where the candidates and HQ staff had the opportunity to meet. Staff members were then able