We loved working with Yi on this exciting project, and we are thrilled to have her and her wonderful artwork at this year’s 2019 National Conference. Thank you, Yi, for your awe inspiring artwork.

My name is Yiqiao Wang. My name sign is Yi – Deaf colleagues at Gallaudet University and in the Deaf community know me as Yi.

I love studying Deaf signing and handshapes in ASL. Handshapes are very fascinating to me. I can catch their movement, and give them emotion. As I look at the beat or rhythm of a sign, I study its handshape and the ASL structure. With all of these elements, signs can be both simple and complex!

So, I am Chinese, I grew up in China. I want to show you a piece that I created for Chinese New Year, the Year of the Pig. You see how I incorporated the sign for pig in the image. I drew the hand separately and then combined it with the drawing of the pig.

I start all of my artwork with sketches. That is where I can just put down all of my ideas and create a vision for the piece. There are no limits in sketching, I can freely express myself.

A big part of my artwork is the textured surface that you see in the lines and shapes in the image. I test different colors and play with the design to enhance its texture.