Golden 100 / Silver 250 Campaign

///Golden 100 / Silver 250 Campaign

Golden 100 / Silver 250 Campaign



In 1982 President Judie Husted and the RID Board of Directors instituted the first major fundraising campaign for RID. The campaign was aimed to provide the organization with financial security for the future. The campaign was labeled Golden 100 and Silver 200.  For a $500 donation, the first 100 Certified members received conference recognition and lifetime membership along with their Certification Maintenance fees, these people are known as the Golden 100. At the start of the campaign, the first 200 members (Certified or Associate) who donated $250 received lifetime membership, they are known as Silver 200. This campaign raised over $50,000 to help establish a research and development trust and to provide general support to the RID budget.

At the March 2016 board meeting, the Board of Directors approved a plan to revitalize this campaign for 2016. The money raised from the current 2016 campaign will be used to support the administrative and development costs associated with a new CDI examination.  For the 2016 campaign, we will again offer two categories. The first 100 Certified members who contribute $2,000, will receive Lifetime membership and waived annual fees along with the designation Golden 100 member. The first 250 Certified or Associate members who give $1,000 will receive lifetime membership, waived annual continuing education fees and be named a Silver 250 member. This group will be responsible annually for their certification and standards fee (currently $31 for Certified members and $25 for Associate).

The revitalization of this program is a great opportunity for members to pledge their commitment to the CDI test development and expanding the pool of qualified Deaf Interpreters. With this campaign, we are hoping to raise $450,000.

To cement your place in RID history, please follow the instructions below:

Certified members who want to purchase a Golden 100 slot:

Certified members who want to purchase a Silver 250 slot:

Associate members who want to purchase a Silver 250 slot:

Please be aware, members purchasing the Silver 250 slots will be charged their 2017 annual certification and standards fees at the time of purchase.

Your membership will be updated within 2-3 business days and you will receive an email confirmation once your membership card is ready to view.

This contribution may not be considered tax deductible by the IRS. Please consult with a tax professional to determine the tax implications of your contribution.

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