Greetings from Shane Feldman
Executive Director

I am honored and privileged to have the opportunity to lead this exceptional organization representing the interests of professional interpreters. The provision of high-quality interpreting services is integral to the success of deaf and hard of hearing people, thus we have a responsibility to advance as well as protect the integrity of the profession.

As Executive Director, I am committed to fostering an environment of mutual respect and dialogue within the deaf
and interpreter communities, restoring the trust and confidence of the NAD-RID certification system, and supporting
the interests of interpreters at the local, state and national level.

Since the announcement was first made at the end of November, I have had many questions from the field and the community regarding my vision for the RID of today as well as the RID of tomorrow.

Although I admittedly started to get my feet wet upon being appointed, I am just closing in on my first official week as
Executive Director.

I have dubbed the few months or so as the RID Learning Tour. The RID Learning Tour will tap the collective wisdom of
our stakeholders. The range of stakeholders in RID includes board members, volunteer leaders, committees, staff members, and of course, most importantly, our membership. The perspectives, ideas and dreams from these individuals and organizations will help formulate my action plan to uphold the strategic plan set forth by the RID Board of Directors. I firmly believe that this introspective approach will lead to the most effective and appropriate decisions on behalf of the organization.

I plan to work with the communications department to host virtual chats, likely with Google Hangouts (a group video chat), where various members can ask questions and discuss topics in a group. I hope to have the opportunity to visit ITPs and other programs that provide the educational foundation for interpreters throughout the country over the next several years. As always, everyone is welcome to visit RID headquarters, your home, in Alexandria, VA. Please contact us if you plan to visit. And I also look forward to meeting RID members at the 2013 RID Conference in Indianapolis, IN, where we will kick-off our 50thAnniversary celebrations!

The most critical decision I can make at the onset of my service as Executive Director of RID would be to ensure that any decision is well-informed and vetted through the proper channels for input and perspective. This information is critical to decisions that align the organization toward the RID Strategic Plan and allocate our resources accordingly through systematic changes.

To learn more about me and my experiences, the winter issue of VIEWS will be running a full interview with me
including questions from the membership. Please be on the lookout for that in your mailboxes starting the first week
of January.

I look forward to serving as your executive director. Together, we will raise the bar, build stronger partnerships, and engage our membership in shared responsibility for our organization and profession.