Greetings from the Board Meeting, March 17, 2016

//Greetings from the Board Meeting, March 17, 2016

Greetings from the Board Meeting, March 17, 2016



President Dawn Whitcher
Deaf Member-at-Large Ritchie Bryant



The RID Board is meeting face-to-face this week here at Gallaudet University.  We chose Gallaudet as our location again.

In the past, the Board would meet in different places to have the opportunity to interact with members in different locations and regions.  We really valued that opportunity.  We decided to meet here at Gallaudet again for fiscal reasons – after considering the costs of travel for Board members from their home locations, as well as the costs of lodging and meeting space, this made the most sense.  Meeting here also allows us to be close to RID HQ and work closely with the staff there.


We’re meeting here in the Ole Jim.   The Ole Jim is a phonetic transfiguration from “Old Gym” – this was the original gymnasium here at Gallaudet and is now the Alumni House.  It has a rich history and a beautiful interior with stained glass windows and wood floors.  One interesting historical tidbit about the Ole Jim – it once had a swimming pool downstairs.  Historical research has indicated that it may have been the first indoor pool in the United States.



The Board agenda is packed.  Just like with the last Board meeting, we will have different people report each day on the activities of the Board and provide you with video updates.  So please be on the lookout for those videos!


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