Hello.  I am Anna Witter-Merithew, Interim Executive Director for RID. The purpose of this video is to provide an update on several topics.

First, it is with sadness that we inform the membership that Tina Maggio, Sr. Director of Programs and Services has resigned.  We will definitely miss her. Tina has worked for RID for the past decade—serving in a variety of capacities and making numerous and invaluable contributions. She helped to establish the Deaf Advisory Council

[DAC] and was later recognized by this group for her Deaf-heart.  She served as the long-time editor for VIEWS and earned 4 Apex awards for excellence in publications. Recently, she was the recipient of the Region V Outstanding HQ Staff 2016 Award.  Her contributions are many.  But what we will remember most about Tina is her influence on so many of us and her commitment to people: to staff, to members, to everyone!

With Tina’s resignation, we will be posting the position of Sr. Director of Programs and Services both internally and externally in hopes of filling this key position soon.

For some time, Tina has been aspiring to a greater work-life balance.  This led her to make the decision to leave RID and transition into another professional association of otolaryngologists as part of their communications team.  Communications is Tina’s heart.  She asked if we could