Hello IEISMS Members;
I am thrilled to say that our membership drive is well underway and we currently have 1559 members as of December 19, 2012 in the IEISMS. Thank you to RID Headquarters staff for assisting the IEISMS in our second IEISMS e-newsletter.

More and more members are learning of our IEIS RID Member Section page on Facebook. If you are indeed a member and it is stated on your RID member profile, please feel free to send me a friend request and I am happy to get you connected. We also have the listserv for IEIS members and you can search for the group by typing in ieisms at the www.yahoogroup.com search for groups section. IEISMS members can join by sending the moderator a request.

Council/Regional/State Business Update
The IEISMS Council received clarification from RID National Office regarding Ed:K-12 credentialed interpreters being to attend legal training workshops. To learn more please continue reading…..

The IEISMS Council is continuing to gather resources for interpreters working in the educational and instructional settings. If you know of any great resources, please send them our way via: Facebook, ieisms@yahoogroups.com, Email Tiffany Harding, IEISMS Vice-Chair at vice_chair@ieisonline.org,Email Jo Brown, IEISMS Region IV Delegate at regionIV@ieisonline.org, as they are compiling our resource list. Once the resource list is compiled we will be including the resources in our e-newsletters as well as posting them on a clearinghouse web page. Thank you in advance for your assistance and stay tuned for the clearinghouse webpage soon.

Many of you probably saw the YouTube introduction to postsecondary video posted on both the Facebook page and sent through email. This prompted several of us on the Council/State Liaison to discuss doing the same for the K-12 setting. The Council appointed a K-12 Video Committee at our December 2, 2012 meeting. The K-12 Video Committee is charged with developing a script for each level within K-12: Elementary, Middle/Junior High and High School. So far the members are Caryl Williams Love, Richard Brumberg, and Irene Holl. We are seeking members from each region to serve on this committee. Much of the script work can be handled via email. Please send your interest to serve on this committee to Irene Holl, secretary@ieisonline.org .

Tiffany Harding, IEISMS Vice-Chair, is participating on an educational interpreter