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Your Guide to the Current Legislative and Regulatory Happenings in the Interpreting Profession

Julie Anne Schafer, RID HQ Director of Public Policy and AdvocacyDirector’s Corner

Welcome to the first edition of In the Hopper, a newsletter from the Government Affairs Program. In the Hopper will be a monthly publication to inform our members about the current state of legislative and regulatory affairs that will impact the community and the profession. During particularly busy or slow times, it may be necessary to alter the frequency of the publication.

Now you may be thinking, “Great! But what the heck is a hopper?” Is it a bunny rabbit? A kangaroo? Julie Anne jumping on a pogo stick? Unfortunately, it isn’t anything nearly as amusing of those mental images you just conjured up.

The hopper is the box on the House of Representatives clerk’s desk where members place bills and resolutions to introduce them. Also called “bill hopper,” the term derives from a funnel-shaped storage bin filled from the top and emptied from the bottom, often used to house grain or coal. Bills are retrieved from the hopper and referred to committees with the appropriate jurisdiction.

So the title of this publication, In the Hopper, means bills (and sometimes regulations) that have been introduced and should be on your radar. Of course we’ll include other important information related to public policy from time to time, so if you have ideas for articles, please let us know! As always, your feedback in not only welcomed but encouraged. Please contact Julie Anne Schafer, Director of Public Policy and Advocacy at with feedback and suggestions.

Here’s “hopping” you enjoy your first issue of In the Hopper.

Julie Anne Schafer
Director of Public Policy and Advocacy

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