In The Hopper – March 2015

In The Hopper – March 2015

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Your Guide to the Current Legislative and Regulatory Happenings in the Interpreting Profession

Julie Anne Schafer, RID HQ Director of Public Policy and AdvocacyDirector’s Corner

Legislative Session, which is my absolute favorite time of year, is in full swing! Which means we are due for another issue of “In the Hopper.” As a refresher, ITH is a semi-monthly newsletter from the Government Affairs Program to inform our members about the current state of legislative and regulatory affairs that will impact the community and the profession. During particularly busy or slow times, it may be necessary to alter the frequency of the publication.

Many states are being faced with the decision of whether to regulate the interpreting profession. In this issue, you will see the efforts underway in many states to set standards for interpreters. You will also find events around the country related to policy and advocacy.

As always, your feedback about ITH is not only welcomed but also encouraged. Please contact me at with questions and suggestions. Is there something you want to see more of? Let me know!

Here’s “hopping” you enjoy this issue of “In the Hopper.”

Julie Anne Schafer
Director of Public Policy and Advocacy

Read the rest of this issue here.

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