I’m Charity Warigon, the interim CEO for RID.

When I was hired by the RID Board, one of the tasks that they asked me to facilitate is the search for RID’s next – and permanent – CEO. It is with great pleasure that I’m now able to share our committee and timeline.

The search for a CEO of an organization such as RID needs to consider the impact that RID has on the various communities that RID serves. The Board and I want to make sure we are taking care to increase the visibility and relevancy of RID within these communities; these goals have been fundamental to the composition of the RID CEO Search Committee.

Here is the list of individuals who will be working together as the RID CEO Search Committee:

From the board:

  • Joshua Pennise, as committee chair and liaison to the board

  • Brenda Sellers, non-voting, as secretary of the committee

From headquarters:

  • Elijah Sow, Chief Operating Officer

  • Jenelle Bloom, Communications Specialist

Membership and stakeholders:

  • Amber Burley, MA, CT, NIC, LPC; Florida

  • Ritchie Bryant, CDI; New York

  • Mario “Manny” Hernandez, MA; Maryland

  • Robin Horwitz; California

  • Celeste Owens, NAD V, NIC; New York

  • John Serrano, MA; Georgia

  • Makeba Orr Smith, NIC; Georgia

Each of these individuals brings a unique perspective and set of experiences to the search committee. They are recognized experts and community leaders in their own right. The intention of the RID Board is to find an individual who can serve their communities, the diverse Deaf communities, and the various interpreter communities – ensuring strong servant leadership of RID for years to come.

Our first committee tele-meeting will be within next few weeks.  After that, we will focus on revising the job description, developing an evaluation framework, and then recruiting and selecting quality candidates for the membership and board to review. We also expect to work with the board in making a final decision on a candidate.  If all goes as expected, we can look forward to a CEO transition to happen in the late fall of 2019.

The Board and I are excited about this committee, and this plan. We are committed to finding the correct leader for RID. We look forward to your support. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns – reach out. Any concerns or questions about the CEO search should be sent to ceosearch@rid.org.

Thank you!