August IED Report

Greetings. There are several updates to provide related to Past President Whitcher’s recent announcement, the recently released 2016 JOI, and the 2017 LEAD Together national conference.


Sr. Director of Programs and Services

Earlier this week you received a vlog from Dawn Whitcher, former RID President, about her resignation due to her intention to apply for the Sr. Director of Programs and Services position with RID, as part of her search for full-time employment. RID HQ was informed of President Whitcher’s decision on Sunday evening, August 28th. Since that time, the HQ team has been talking about the implications of that announcement for our application and hiring process at RID. We determined it might be helpful to the membership to know what our process is like since it is unusual to have applicants for HQ positions from recent or current board members.

First, I want to note that RID welcomes all qualified applicants for vacant positions within HQ. Our goal is always to hire the most qualified individual possible, who is committed to RID’s mission and goals.

So what does the internal process at RID look like? When a position becomes vacant, we review the job description to ensure that it is current reflection of the position. When it is ready to be posted, we post both internally and externally. Internally, we always want to give our staff the opportunity to apply for other positions and/or to help recruit individuals they might know who are qualified applicants. Externally, we promote to our various communities.

When someone makes application for an open posit