January 2014 Announcement

January 2014 Announcement

January 31, 2014: Update on the Transition to the New Testing Platform for the NAD-RID NIC Performance Exam

(provided by Dan Ebeling, Certification Manager)

We reported in the Fall of 2013 that the administration of the NAD-RID National Interpreter Certification (NIC) Interview and Performance Exam would be transitioned from the current list of RID-approved Test Sites to sites managed by McCann Associates. That transition is experiencing some delays. We will have more information in March regarding a definitive transition date.

The testing logistics for the NAD-RID NIC Interview and Performance Exam is a technological first in certification exam testing. RID requires that the system has the capability to show, record and upload video simultaneously. After beta testing at the end of 2013, it was determined that more work was needed to ensure that video quality would consistently meet expectations.

The delay was also caused by challenges in identifying test sites that meet NIC performance exam standards. RID requires that a test sites be able to provide a private and comfortable room for our candidates. They must also be able to meet the required hardware and internet connection speeds that are necessary for a seamless administration of the exams.

McCann has provided a list of cities and states where testing centers currently exist that meet our requirements. These centers have procured the necessary equipment and have begun training to administer our exam.

The sites identified on this list will be undergoing a final testing before RID’s launch date, so it is possible that some specific sites may be removed from the list if they are not able to meet the appropriate requirements.  As sites are removed, they will be replaced with other locations that meet our specifications.  We are committed to having a reasonable distribution of testing sites so that travel time is minimized for our candidates throughout the nation.

Due to this delay, we are advising candidates to contact the nearest current RID Test Site to schedule an appointment under the current testing paradigm. A list of current RID Test Sites can be found on the CASLI page.

We are excited about this development, but want to ensure that the transition is as seamless as possible. In the end, the transition will result in a greater number of test sites as well as a dramatic reduction in the time it takes to evaluate candidate’s exams. We appreciate your patience as we test the system and ensure the level of quality for all candidates.

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