July 2012 e-NEWS Region V Report

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July 2012 e-NEWS Region V Report

Northern California RID

In the spirit of community building, Northern California RID (NorCRID) spins into action to connect, collaborate, and celebrate. Here are a few examples of NorCRID activities that have brought us together.

The NorCRID’s Wine Pour at San Francisco Pride

Random people celebrating at NorCRID event

Random people celebrating at NorCRID event

This story is best told from NorCRID’s Secretary and Chair of the Social Events Committee, Mary Nelson:

“NorCRID’s wine booth was a wonderful success! The organizers said that they were very pleased and impressed with our group. From Pride’s standpoint, we were well organized, well-staffed, problem-free, great with the crowds, and a fun group of people. This was such a compliment considering it was only our second time running a booth at Pride. We were assured that we were very welcome back next year – hooray!

From the Social Events Committee’s point of view, we ROCKED it. We had about 30 volunteers who were a great mix of interpreters, Deaf individuals, and ASL students or signers. Our volunteers did everything from assisting in the booth set up, drawing crowds through some awesome dancing and genuflecting at the booth, checking buyers’ IDs, selling and pouring wine, and breaking down the booth. My favorite part of the day was watching everyone laughing, dancing, and having fun as they all worked seamlessly together. I also loved how great our volunteers were with our customers, keeping them laughing and engaged as they waited for their glass to be poured (which kept the tips coming too). Almost everyone stayed past their committed time slot or generously offered to stay.

You couldn’t have wished for a better group of people, and it was definitely their work and energy that made NorCRID’s wine booth at Pride this year a memorable, successful, and fun fundraising event. I am already looking forward to next year’s booth at Pride.

Community Forum on Spoken Language Agencies

In June NorCRID collaborated with our local Deaf organization DCARA to host a community forum. The forum brought the community together in response to interpreter and Deaf community concern about a recent influx of spoken language agencies providing ASL interpreting services. One hundred people attended with about one-quarter from the Deaf community. Participants identified what agencies need to be effective and legitimate in providing sign language interpreting services and emphasized the importance of agencies having a community connection. Notes from the community forum and a related informal survey will be posted on the NorCRID Web site: www.norcrid.org.

NIC Study Group

NorCRID formed a casual NIC study group that meets monthly in the comfort of a coffee house for lively, collegial, multi-faceted examination of ethical dilemmas. Certified interpreters and NIC candidates contribute to these discussions for an enjoyable gathering. NorCRID is interested in creating other study groups on general interpreting themes as well as expanding to targeted groups for CDIs, book salons, and single-topic workshops taught by local talent in the interpreting community.

Region V Distinguished Service Award to Dan Langholtz

Region V celebrated two awardees this year for the Distinguished Service Award: the late Kathy Loucks and NorCRID nominee Dan Langholtz. A flurry of emails among a community of supporters collaborated to make a compelling nomination of Dan for his significant contributions to our field and our local community. Congratulations to Dan Langholtz!

The NorCRID News

The long-lost newsletter has made a comeback with a full year of 5 issues. Each electronic bimonthly newsletter is available to members only and contains written and signed contributions. Issues are chock full of articles, addressing topics such as teaming, theatrical interpreting, international Deaf and interpreters, the business side of freelancing. The NorCRID News welcomes submissions in ASL or English, which may be sent to norcridvp@gmail.com.

Contributions to the Community

NorCRID has made an effort to give back to the Deaf community in the form of financial sponsorship. This year NorCRID has supported the 50th Anniversary Gala of our local Deaf organization DCARA, the Deaf and Hearing Sibling Retreat, donated credit for Dawn Sign Press books to the Hawaii School for the Deaf and Blind as a part of the RID Cares program, and sponsored CAD delegates attending the NAD conference in Kentucky.

NorCRID Scholarships

NorCRID has three scholarships available to members: the Greg Smith Memorial Fund for those in medical crises, the John McBride Scholarship Fund for emerging professionals to attend the annual conference, and the Certification Exam Scholarship to help NIC candidates pay for the exam. Awards have been granted this year, and any eligible members are encouraged to apply. See www.norcrid.org for details on the scholarships.

Silent Auction

NorCRID hosts a silent auction each year at our annual conference to fund the Greg Smith Memorial scholarship. The silent auction is always a lovely display of giving from our community. Talented artists among us contribute their creations for the highest bidder. This last year we had a new type of contribution to the silent auction: mentoring hours. Luminaries of our local profession availed themselves for 2-hour mentor sessions to be bid upon. This brought a lot of interest and bidding wars, and we are grateful to all who donated their time and wares and to those who bid for the goods.

Flash Mob

Perhaps the most memorable community-building activity that NorCRID has undertaken is the flash mob. Taking inspiration from the CODA conference’s flash mob, NorCRID brought the fun to our annual conference which was held at a building directly above a train station. Who could resist an opportunity for a flash mob!

If you haven’t seen it already, here is the link for viewing: http://youtu.be/i8cw_nxTSGA.

Signing Environment

NorCRID encourages the use of ASL at NorCRID events in order to be Deaf-friendly and to provide an environment of total immersion for language learners. As a part of this goal, NorCRID board artists have developed a series of “Signing Environment” artwork for display at the last annual conference, which was the first ever successfully silent NorCRID conference. Signing Environment merchandise was then created to fundraise for improving NorCRID’s Web site and sold at the recent Region V conference in Honolulu. These items, t-shirts and posters, will be available locally at NorCRID events and eventually online.


NorCRID is currently in a membership drive for our new membership year. It is the members who make the organization great. We are 202 members growing stronger with every community event, every fundraiser, every gathering. As an organization run entirely by volunteers, NorCRID is fortunate to have so many supportive members with energy and ideas. We look forward to our upcoming annual conference and business meeting in November when we will hold elections, vote on bylaw revisions, connect, collaborate and celebrate our community.

With sincerest regards,

Terri Manning for the NorCRID Board

President, Priscilla Moyers; Vice President, Terri Manning; Secretary, Mary Nelson; Treasurer, Karen Evangelista; Members at Large, Kathleen Beiling, Carmen Olsen, and Becca Danton; Alternates, Matt Moyers and Ryan Shephard.

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