Oregon RID (ORID) Update:

Oregon is bustling with opportunity for professional growth this summer. WREIC will host Silent Weekend at Western Oregon University’s campus on July 19-21. Many Deaf and Hearing presenters will be on hand to provide various workshops that center around ASL acquisition and beginning to advanced interpreting skills. ORID is also hosting a summer picnic in June for professionals and their families to come, connect, have fun and hopefully share a sunny day outside.

This Spring also brings new interpreters to our field. Graduates from Portland Community College and Western Oregon University will join the profession June 16th. These two programs graduate outstanding, budding young professional interpreters. Western Oregon University also graduates if first cohort in the Masters Arts in Interpreting Studies (MAIS) this June.

Oregon RID welcomes new board members this Summer. Starting in July the new board will take on the task of providing workshops, educational opportunities, and a few social activities for community. Our hope is to have interpreters across the state feel welcome and able to express the needs of the interpreting community, all the various fields within, and use ORID as a platform for change and discussion.

Susie Friberg

ORID President

Mano a Mano Presents Trilingual Interpreting/Spanish 301

July 13, 2013 (8:30 to 4:30)

This workshop will introduce techniques used in trilingual (ASL/Spanish/English) interpreting as well as some basic Spanish grammar. It will include information about trilingual certification, the state of the trilingual movement, domains and competencies that are required when interpreting between three languages. Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about Spanish grammar issues that commonly arise, hands on practice with ASL/Spanish/English interpretation, and  finally  learn  more  about  Mano  a Mano and the benefits of being a member of this organization.

Presented by Caleb López and Arlene Narvaez.

Caleb López has a Bachelor’s degree and Finance and holds RID K-12 certification. He is a professional, multilingual interpreter and native Spanish speaker. He has worked as a sign language interpreter in the Sacramento, CA area for several years and worked in his native country, Colombia, as a sign language interpreter as well. Caleb is the region 5 representative of Mano a Mano and has been a tireless advocate of trilingual interpreting professional development since he moved to U.S.

Arlene Narvaez has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and holds RID CI and CT certification. She works as a trilingual (ASL/Spanish/English) interpreter in community and video settings with experience in both VRS and VRI. She has presented workshops at the regional and national level.  In addition to working as an evaluator and interpreter trainer, she has previously served as Co-Chair for the Southern California RID Trilingual Committee and coordinated interpreters for Los Angeles Valley College. Currently she is a member of the NCIEC Trilingual Task Force.

SATURDAY, JULY 13TH, 2013 FROM 8:30 A.M – 4:30P.M.


Norcal Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
4708 Roseville road
North Highlands, CA 95660

Register sending an email to region5@manoamano- unidos.org
or send your registration form to
Caleb Lopez
11079 International Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

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