June is National Safety Month!

June is National Safety Month!

June is National Safety Month and it’s important that interpreters take precaution to prevent injury.  Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is a stress related, cumulative type of injury resulting from constant repetitive motion.  The inherent nature of interpreting puts interpreters of all ages at risk for developing some type of RSI during their career.

For interpreters, problems often begin in the neck. We tend to hold our necks still during work and this static motion can lead to compressed nerves, pain, stiffness, numbness and burning sensations.

There are ways we can protect ourselves.  Pay attention to a symptom when it first appears. Recognize how posture, angles and temperature affect us.  Make sure we fully hydrate ourselves, exercise and rest.

For more information about RSI and how to protect yourself, check out our Standard Practice Paper on Self-Care.

How do you stay safe?  Share your tips for preventing injury on the job with us!

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