Arizona RID Update:

One of the joys of our profession is the variety of topics and situations we are able to be involved in. Every day is a new opportunity and challenge for us to grow in the field. Involvement with RID is no exception as it provides opportunities for members with knowledge and skills outside the field of interpreting to allow those talents to shine in a variety of ways. Members of Arizona RID have had the recent opportunities to: plan and implement a state conference, compile a manual for planning future state conferences, generate relationships with other organizations toward common goals, write Interagency Government Agreements to partner agencies for support and funding of programs, garner grant money from agencies seeking a common theme / goal, set up a mentorship program from the guidance of a national leader in mentorship program development and create a website for the organization, just to name a few. Arizona is fortunate to have a fantastic pool of intellectual resources that not only have the brain power to make these things happen, but the drive to volunteer their time to share their talents to continue to grow and develop the profession and our organization. It is humbling to see it all in action as each gear adds so much to the workings of the larger machine. Each is valuable and none can operate without the rest. Our state chapter is happy and proud to be a part of both Region V and the national organization as all grow and benefit mutually from the awe inspiring work being done, from small to large, to continue the growth and perception of this fantastic field.

Jack S. Van Rixel

Arizona RID President