March 2018 Member Spotlight! Donna Fisher

/, From RID Headquarters/March 2018 Member Spotlight! Donna Fisher

March 2018 Member Spotlight! Donna Fisher

Donna Fisher
Melbourne, FL
Region II

How Long Have You Been a Member of RID?

17 Years

Describe a favorite assignment or accomplishment you’ve achieved as an interpreter.

My favorite assignments are births and funerals.

What are your professional goals as an interpreter?

  • Building a bridge in the communication gap between the hearing and Deaf
  • Educate hearing people about Deaf Culture and Awareness
  • Always make improvements to my skills by self analyzing
  • Continue learning and broadening my skill set

Tell Us Any Fun Facts About Yourself!
(Hobbies, favorite vacation spots, etc…)

I’m married, have horses and dogs, and played softball!

My favorite vacation spot was St. Maartin for my honeymoon, and I enjoy mentoring new interpreters in the field.


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