Josh: Hello, I’m Josh Pennise, the RID Board Secretary. I have a new Board member here with me!

Kenya: Hello, I’m Kenya McPheeters, I’m the Region III Representative. We’re all here at the RID Board face-to-face meeting.

Josh: That’s right. We’ve all gathered here in Alexandria, VA, near RID Headquarters. We all arrived on Thursday, we’ve been meeting every day, and we’ll be departing on Sunday – a total of four days of meetings.

At every Board meeting, we take the opportunity to have PPO – Power, Privilege, and Oppression – training. This time, we had a special guest presenter come in – Ritchie Bryant. The training has helped us understand more about PPO and our work as a Board. Ritchie joined our meeting all day on Saturday; we also had two additional guests – Margie English from the Deaf Advisory Council, and Eileen Forestal from the Council of Elders. They both joined us by videoconference.

Kenya: During the Board Ori