Josh: Hello, I’m Josh Pennise, the RID Board Secretary. I have a new Board member here with me!

Kenya: Hello, I’m Kenya McPheeters, I’m the Region III Representative. We’re all here at the RID Board face-to-face meeting.

Josh: That’s right. We’ve all gathered here in Alexandria, VA, near RID Headquarters. We all arrived on Thursday, we’ve been meeting every day, and we’ll be departing on Sunday – a total of four days of meetings.

At every Board meeting, we take the opportunity to have PPO – Power, Privilege, and Oppression – training. This time, we had a special guest presenter come in – Ritchie Bryant. The training has helped us understand more about PPO and our work as a Board. Ritchie joined our meeting all day on Saturday; we also had two additional guests – Margie English from the Deaf Advisory Council, and Eileen Forestal from the Council of Elders. They both joined us by videoconference.

Kenya: During the Board Orientation, we reviewed the Policies and Procedures, and set up our group norms. We also worked on setting up our Project Management software, which will allow us to plan and track our efforts.

We also worked on revising the Affiliate Chapter (AC) Handbook. Work continues on the revising of the PPM (Policies and Procedures Manual). The AC Handbook is already posted on the RID website; the PPM is coming soon, it’s not quite done. We expect that to be completed in early 2019.

The Board also reviewed the plans for the 2019 RID National Conference – the theme, the proposed program, the content, and other details. This discussion is ongoing, we’ll share details as they become finalized.

Josh: You might remember that the Board recently sent out a call for participation to join the various Committees, Councils, and Task Forces of RID.  We received applications from people who were interested in serving. The Board has been reviewing their applications and resumes, and discussing which committee would be the best place for each to serve. We’ve made choices for who will be on each volunteer group, and we’ll be announcing those names soon.

The Board also spent some time discussing how we can improve working with the various Affiliate Chapters that span the United States. We want their leadership involved in our discussions, and we want them to be directly apprised of the work we do. We’ll be announcing that initiative very soon.

Another important discussion for the Board was the vacant CEO position. Margie English (Deaf Advisory Council) and Eileen Forestal (Council of Elders) joined us for that discussion. We addressed the questions of what we would do in the near future, what are the best next steps for RID, and what are our needs? This discussion was productive, and we’re putting together a plan for the future.

So, keep an eye out for more updates coming soon from the Board. The Board has been excited for the opportunity to get together face-to-face, to work together and tackle the issues that affect our organization.

We have great RID staff here in Virginia, who supported our meeting. They continue to work diligently for all of us – the Board wants to thank the staff for their support. Likewise, we thank YOU – the members – for watching our report.

Kenya: Thank you!

Both: Bye!

Mary Stotler Award Recipient

Eileen Forestal, Ph.D., RSC, has been Coordinator/Professor of ASL-English Interpreting Program at Union County College in NJ for 35 years. She is an adjunct in the Master’s program at University of Northern Florida and at LaGuardia’s ASL-English Interpreting program. She holds a PhD, specializing in Postsecondary Education and Adult Learning. Certified as a Deaf interpreter (RSC) since 1979, she interprets primarily in legal and medical settings. A chapter of her research, “Deaf Interpreters: The Dynamics of Their Interpreting Processes” was published in Deaf Interpreters at Work: International Perspectives, 2014. A nationwide trainer on ASL, Deaf interpreters, and interpreting topics, she has presented at RID and CIT conferences, including Gallaudet’s first International Symposium on Sign Language Interpretation Research (March 2014) and Street Leverage (May 2014), state conferences and the Institute of Legal Interpreting (May 2009). Since 2006, Eileen is a member of the NCIEC’s Deaf Interpreter Work Team.

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Mary Stotler Award